Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I gave them the wrong names

After spending a few days with my children on the ski slopes, I realized I have named them the wrong names.

To begin with, A should've been "The Natural". Three days of ski school has her going down blue runs at a high rate of speed and cutting thru areas of trees--just because she can. At one point yesterday, she apparently did a full face plant into the snow, got up, dusted off and continued on her merry way. Brat.

G should've been named "The Pink Torpedo". She's been dressed all in pink and she likes to go fast. As we started down one run, I told her to go a little ways and then stop. I caught up with her about 10 minutes later and she was halfway down the run. When she falls, I can catch up because she likes to have help getting up. She's also mastered getting off the chairlift without falling. Impressive. That skill took me years to learn and I'm still far from proficient. At another time, I encouraged her to make big turns across the moutain and not go too fast. She got passed by a man going at a pretty good clip and fell in behind him and acted like his shadow. They FLEW down the mountain. :eek: (She was VERY proud of this trick!)

Miss M really should've been named "Kamikaze Kid". She's a maniac!! She too spent three days in ski school and apparently didn't really learn to turn back and forth across the mountain. Therefore, she just goes straight down. STRAIGHT down. Seriously, she's frightening to watch! She has NO fear! The DaddyMan did finally start getting her to turn somewhat, but turns just cramp her style.

And then there's me. I would be called "Biggest Wimp Skier Ever." I skied better than I thought I would but I hurt all over. And all the children are faster than me. There are no pictures of the children skiing, because I can't be trusted not to fall on top of it. THAT would sure leave a mark!


Cathe said...

Small children have a much lower center of gravity than we do.

I am glad you are home.

I'm feeling a bit frazzled with preparations and either need some help or just someone to whine to. Want to help me out with that? ;)

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Oh hey -- skiing sounds like fun.. FOR YOU!

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Ü

Did you find my camera while you were up there? Apparently I DID take my camera with me... took a MARVELOUS photo of the group and the blue sky... then set my camera down somewhere... on top of ol'smokey. Some one got a great photo of my family skiing. LOL