Saturday, December 20, 2008

I have a personal problem.

For the second day in a row--the underwire in my bra has broken. What is up with THAT?? I put on one yesterday and it seemed 'off' and I figure out later it was because the wire was broken. Today's bra seemed odd when I put it on but I was in a hurry and I just figured out it's because the wire's broken in THIS bra too!

And a couple days ago--the other bra just like this, that I like, blew a wire too!! Granted, I bought all of these the same day, but honestly what are the odds that ALL the underwires would break within a WEEK??

So today, I get to go bra shopping with children. Remember the last time? I'm SO not looking forward to this.

Okay, back to regular programming. Just ignore the woman w/one droopy bahootah....

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