Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Misss M hasss now wrapped up her fffirst sssemessster offf ssspeech therapy. Twiccce a week, ssshe ssseesss Mr. Sssteve and he helpsss her work on the sssoundsss ssshe ssstrugglesss with.

Can you guessss which lettersss ssshe'sss ssspent the sssemessster on?

The good news is that she's making slow but sure progress. Over Thanksgiving break, she and I were working on the word "four" and she finally got it. She's now able to tell people that she's FFFooooor instead of door. The 's' sound is coming along nicely too and she's starting to remember to say it on her own when she's talking without being prompted.

The bad news is that we all ssseem to be dragging our 'ssss' sssoundsss a bit and people are sssstarting to look at usss fffunny.

I'm sure in time, it'll stop. ;)

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