Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My happy place

(Click on the picture to make it big and be able to see it all.)

One of the main perks in fiinishing out the basement, is that I get a sewing room. Finally! A room of my own! I'm still trying to get the house back together after all this stuff's been done but last week I decided to crack down and tidy my sewing room. After all, I had some Christmas sewing to do, which obviously made it a priority.

I painted several weeks ago and didn't love the color. It needed girlied up a bit. So I took some painter's canvases and covered them with fabric. 5 minutes with my rotary cutter and a staple gun and I had art. The picture over my desk is a series of pictures of my mom at about age 5. She was pretty cute. She used to sew all the time. The picture to the right of that is a magnetic board. I was going to hang it just as a dry erase board, but it had some ugly spots, so I covered it with fabric too. The big beautiful flower? G made me that. :)
I've spent hours folding my stash to make it neat and tidy. I've noticed in looking at other sewing rooms online, that my stash isn't really THAT big. I would like to get a bunch of it used up tho and some of those pieces have been hangin' around a while.
There ya have it.... my happy place.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Someone should limit her tv.

The other day I had the tv on to watch the noon news. I saw a commercial for a store where a friend works. Low and behold, our friend was pictured in the background. I told the girls, "I just saw Mr. R on tv!"

A responded, "What are you watching? Cops?"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's your IQ?

Tonight A made some witty comment that had the DaddyMan and I rolling our eyes. I told the DaddyMan that I read an article this week saying that babies who cry too much or have to 'cry it out' to go to sleep have lower IQs.

"Thank God we let that one cry or she'd be WAAAY too smart," I told him.

Then one of the children asked what IQ meant. I said it was a measure of how smart you are. G told her sister, "You're dumb! You have DQ!"


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I think I gave the last post the same title. Oh well...

My house is coming together. It's no longer looking quite so much like a bomb went off, but still has the 'we just moved in' feel to it. I put a bunch of stuff on the school shelves and I've put my sewing machines on the sewing table. Aaah, that's homey.

I'm doing a bunch of sewing for Christmas. I love sewing. The house is still a mess but at least I'm making pretty things. That makes me happy.

We haven't decorated for Christmas yet. I REALLY want to paint the family room and kitchen in a more mature color scheme (my kitchen is currently 'painter's tape blue') and I haven't done it. I was going to paint my sewing room and those two rooms the same color, but the sewing room's darker than I wanted. A told me it's the color of puke. Lovely. I think it's more of a dark khaki. When I take pictures, you can decide for yourselves.

We did school in our new school room today. That made me VERY happy. Finally--the thing that's super high on my priority list has it's on space! No more books all over the kitchen counter and table!!

I found an adorable little Pottery Barn table on Craigslist last week. We stayed home from our regular activities that day because M had a fever the day before. Thankfully she wasn't too sick to be loaded in the van and drive for an hour to pick up the table. It's the perfect size for both G and M and I love to watch them sit and work at it.

Pictures will be coming. I promise!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

More chaos

A week ago, this was my office. You know, the place where I sit on my computer and the children pratice piano? Then, we emptied all the furniture, had the carpet ripped out and this pretty floor installed.
We didn't stop with just the office. No siree Bob, my entire main floor's been redone this week. Which explains why--there's no place to sit, I can't find anything and what I can find is covered in dust. It's like I moved, but I didn't purge first, nor did I put things in nicely labelled boxes.

My house is a wreck. But the floors are pretty.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is how our basement looked the first of October. (click on the pictures for the full view!)

Here's how it looks on November 10th.

It still needs carpet in the other room, doors, trim, furniture and stuff on the walls, but really, it looks pretty stinkin' good for 6 weeks of work. :) Yay for the DaddyMan!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And now it's November

Wow, time's flying. Mostly while we're busy with this big basement finishing job, school, musical practice and so on.

The DaddyMan has become part mole and spends several hours a day living underground, aka. in the basement. He's also been referring to himself as 'slave boy' and makes a whip cracking sound frequently. Apparently he's been talking this way a bit too much because the other night when he mentioned that someone needed to cut Piper's toenails, M told him, "So, get on that slave boy."

Today while doing school, M was practicing saying 'girl'. R and L together is hard and she was saying it again and again. I pointed to her big sister and asked, "What is A?" M looked at A and said, "Mean old sister!"

I tried not to laugh....but it didn't work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow, it's been almost three weeks since I last posted. Life's been busy. News at 11.

The first and most important thing that's happened is that my baby had a birthday. My baby's now 5. Sniff. I've put off posting pictures because maybe if I don't, I can keep her 4 just a little longer. I'm really not ready for her to grow up.

Not to mention, I'm a wee bit embarrassed about the commercialization of her birthday. For years I've done my best to avoid character toys. I've invested a lot of money in Playmobil, Schliech and other great not-movie-affliated gifts. But, this is my baby! And of late, she's had one interest- the movie Cars. Lightning, Mater, Sally, Doc are some of her favorite things right now and therefore, that's ALL she wanted for her birthday.

Auntie R got her Shake and Go cars. She loves them. They run on their own and make lots of noise. What's not to love?

Auntie C and Uncle D sent Mack. She loves him too.

My folks sent her money. She was VERY excited to see that! "I can buy more Cars!" she squealed. And she did. I know, I'm such a good mom.

Finally was the gift from Mom and Dad (funny that Dad gets the credit and seeing what 'he' bought is just as much of a surprise for him as it is for the child.... but I digress).

I need to clarify again, how much I hate character toys, okay? Please remember that. Because you know, I wouldn't want you to think that my child is spoiled or else in 30 years she'll be single and living in my basement, moochin' off my generosity still. That wouldn't be good (although I've told her she can live with me forever....).

Here's what she got from the DaddyMan and I. It made her jump and squeal and say, "It's just what I always wanted!"

There are no pictures of her birthday cake, because I just can't bring myself to post how commercialized my baby's birthday truly was. She loved it. And really, I guess that's all that matters. Right?? Please tell me that it is.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Just another day

As we were doing our ten minute tidy today--you know that's the massive cleaning spree we do in the 10 minutes before the DaddyMan arrives home that makes it look like we did a full days work--I made A do the vacuuming. (Lest you think I'm a mean ol' mom, I was cleaning the kitchen of lunch dishes, groceries, mail and shoes. The small ones were putting away toys.)

I noticed she had managed to vacuum the entire family room before her sisters managed to clear the floor of some good sized toys. I said, "I find it interesting that you managed to vacuum the whole floor when it's still covered in toys."

She said, "Yep, pretty amazing, aren't I??"


Monday, September 28, 2009

Just tryin' to teach them SOMETHING.

We're studying birds. It's so exciting (hear that drip of sarcasm?). I'm not the one into flying in this familiy and birds don't thrill me. So, I'm trying hard to make it interesting and fun.

Today we discussed molting and how if a bird loses a certain feather off it's right wing, it loses the corresponding wing off it's left wing. (Cool, huh?) In an effort to engage some conversation, I said, "What would happen if instead, a bird just lost all it's feathers off one wing?"

Smart Alek A, suggested, "All the other wittle birdies will point and laugh and make fun of him?"

Class dismissed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As we were driving in the car today, something prompted the two in the backseat to talk about rooftops. Since they tend to be as random as I am, I have no idea what prompted their conversation.

A was beside me in the front seat and asked, "Isn't there a song about rooftops?"

So I started to sing, "Up on the rooftop, reindeer pause, out jumps good old Santa Claus..."

She interrupts "That is SO dumb!"

(oh great, I thought, here comes her rant about how dumb Santa is (yes, I've indoctrinated her))

She continued, "Reindeer don't have PAWS! They have HOOVES!"

"Pause, dear, P A U S E."

"Oh, riiiiight. But it's still a dumb song."

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Home Alone 4?

This week has been overbooked. Waaay too busy for this truly-prefers-to-stay-at-home mama! By 3:30 this afternoon, I was wiped. I sat down for a few moments on the loveseat to rest and within minutes, the snuggly Miss G crawled up on me and sat very still. I was thisclose to being asleep.

Then M showed up. She talks and wiggles and pushes sharp appendages into my squishy parts. Ow. I was still veggin' tho and trying to pretend that I had nothing more important to do.

But then, it hit me. "Oh CRAP! It's Thursday! We're supposed to be at piano at 3:30!"

Thankfully, the brand new piano teacher is less than 5 minutes away but still! It's our first week with the new teacher and I'm now going to be 15 minutes late! Can you say, "Airhead??"

I run the girls there, come home, dink around, talk to M and then I tell her it's time to go back to get her sisters. She gave me a flippant gesture and said, "You go. I'll just stay here by myself."

I had to remind her that she's FOUR and that's really not an option. She rather huffily clomped across the room, sighing deeply and got her shoes. But she let it be known, that she doesn't need to go along.

Because she truly believes, she'd be fine, all.by.herself.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a dog's life

Today as the DaddyMan watched Piper the Wonder Dog dozing on the floor, he said, "I think the dog has the best life."

I responded, "Oh you mean, like, love deeply, forgive quickly and sleep the rest of the time?"

"Yep, pretty much." he said.

I thought of something else, "And don't be afraid to pee on the floor if you're really scared."

He came thisclose to blowing water out his nose. Dangit. THISCLOSE!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garage sale score

A few months ago, my friend, Ree aka Pioneer Woman, posted about this cool looking pot from Le Creuset. "Wow, I want one!" I thought. Then I searched online and was a bit shocked at the $225+ price tage. I didn't win P-Dub's give away either. Shoot. I lumped it into the 'things I'll never own' category and went on my merry way.

Saturday, I went garage saling. All alone. It was blissful. It was rather a bust tho, since I wasn't finding anything overly exciting. That all changed tho, when I saw this sitting on the table, in the middle of some random junk.

Hmm..."That's a fun color for a pan." was my first thought. But then, I lifted the lid and saw the words "Le Creuset" and my heart started to beat a bit faster and I started to get a wee bit excited. The inside of the pot was rather scary. It was mostly black and the residue of cooked on noodles was still stuck to the bottom. It has some chips, the paint's sorta scratched and the lid's handle shows it's been in the dishwasher.

I asked the woman holding the sale, "Do you think this will come clean?" and she replied "I have no idea what my mother did to that pan!" Since the woman I was talking to was pushing 60, I had visions of a slightly forgetful 80 year old woman forgetting about her mac and cheese and charring it to the pan I held in my hands. I laughed and said, "Well, if nothing else, it'll make a dog bowl the dog can't spill, right?" She agreed.

So I paid the lady and brought it home. I figured with some elbow grease, I could make it useable. I did some online research, scrubbed it ferociously and it's no longer black inside. It's stained, but clean. Apparently these pans are so durable that it's not uncommon to have them for 50+ years. I like to think that mine was well loved by someone long before it came to me.

She's a little battle scarred, but isn't she pretty?

(did you notice the children admiring her too?) Okay, really, they were dawdling their way thru dinner and asking "Why are you taking pictures of a PAN, Mom??"

They just don't see the excitement in buying a Le Creuset Dutch oven for $1. I don't know why.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to normal?

We started back to school this week. As per tradition, I took the girls out front and made them pose for pictures. I took individual pictures, but they just weren't quite the challenge that group photos are with my ladies. Ladies? I'm not sure that's the proper term for what follows.

I really, truly don't know where I got that one. She must take after her father.

About this point, I realized that I didn't appreciate how easy it was to take a picture of only one child when that's all I had to photograph. Or even two. Do you know how many pictures I have that have my first two children, looking at the camera, smiling and looking normal? Tons.

I may or may not have threatened bodily harm to get this shot. No one heard me and the children won't tell.

Will anyone notice if this is our Christmas card photo this year? It is only 4 months away and my odds of getting another picture of three normal looking children are pretty slim.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's been awhile....

Summer's been busy. And now, sadly, it's pretty much over. We're starting school on Monday. I'm not sure I'm ready yet since mentally I still need a vacation.

We were supposed to vacation last week to Mt.Rushmore, Yellowstone and then to my inlaws in Montana. But, the DaddyMan's grandpa died in Omaha, so we went there instead. We did make one day fun by going to the zoo and that was enjoyed by all. Somewhere, there are pictures. I don't see the camera at the moment but it's around here some where. If I got off my butt to find it, I would instead see the garage sale finds of this morning that need put away, the laundry that needs done, the lunch dishes that need dealt with and inevitably I'll never get back in here to post today, so it's best I just stay here on my butt and ramble some more.

My brain is feeling tired. I think that may be exacerbated by all the scents I smelled at Bath and Body Works, aka The Stinky Store, a while ago. I want something to make my house smell pretty but I wound up with a headache and overloaded brain instead. I guess we'll just continue with the "Eau de Chien" that we currently have. (That's "smell of dog" for you non French speaking people.)

I read two books this week. Funny how all that time in the car with three children plugged into a dvd player gives a mom lots of time to read. I love to read. The idea of finishing this series makes me almost want to go on another long road trip. Or not.

I had to go to the chiropractor yesterday after we got back to town. My back and neck were messed up. I'm not sure if it was the stress of travelling, the awful hotel beds or my dearest-frien- in-the-world's wickedly firm guest bed. I think when they move, I will buy them a nice Aerobed. And then I will invite myself over and sleep on it. Thankfully my chiropractor fixed me right up yesterday afternoon. He has magic in those hands. Aaaah.

If the DaddyMan ever leaves me, I'm going to hunt down a single chiropractor and make him marry me. That is, after I makes sure the DaddyMan doesn't leave with my Select Comfort mattress. I love it. I love the DaddyMan too and sure don't think he'll leave me, but if he does.... I have a plan.

I should go climb into that bed now and take a nap instead of posting such ramblings on the internet for the two people who read my blog to giggle at....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I AM a fun mom, dangit!

This morning while garage saling, G found this hat. You can't tell from the extreme closeup, but she's wearing a pink and orange tie dye shirt and it matches perfectly. So cute! When she found it, she popped it on her head and said, "Please Mom?" How could I say no?? We did a bunch of errands after that sale and every one told her how adorable she was. She ate it up.

Since she was looking so adorable, her two sisters decided they also needed hats and we set out to find the necessary supplies. Three craft stores later, we went home to create. Here's M.

And A opted to go 'a little bit different, but still kinda the same' and I like it.
I took the photos to show them the next time I get told that I'm not a 'cool, crafty mom' or that Miss Carrie's funner than I am. I've got to maintain my status somehow!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sisterly love?


First child, from the bathroom--"Eww! I made a green poop."

Second child, from the kitchen, eating her lunch-- "Really?"

First child--- "Yeah! Come see!"

Second child-- "Okay!" and she darts to the bathroom, still chewing.

Second child, upon viewing -- "You're right, it IS green! What'd you eat??"

Aaah, sisterly love. Because outside of your sister, who else would you invite into the bathroom to view your bodily waste? That's right... no one.

Summer time

What, doesn't everyone empty a big bowl of watermelon while sitting in the top of their playset? This is how we've been spending our days. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

No swearing.

Tonight as I kissed A at bedtime, I kissed her repeatedly and got back an equal number. In between kissing her and receiving her kisses, I told her how much I loved her and always would. I told her that even when she grows into a teenager and has crabby moments, I would love her.

"I won't get crabby." she told me.

"Really? Can I have you swear that...." I asked

"I can't." she interrupted.

"You can't get crabby? I'm so glad but when you get older I want proof that you said you wouldn't. I'm going to video you saying you swear you won't get crabby."

"But Mom, I can't swear."

Oh. Right.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Not now honey, Mommy's Facebooking.

I'm on Facebook. I enjoy it. I love Scrabble, Bananagrams and as of this week--Mafia Wars. It always seemed like a mean sort of game so I'd put off playing. But then the DaddyMan started playing and needed another member of his 'family', so I joined.

When I was performing some Mafia Wars jobs, A asked if she could have a turn on the computer. I told her as soon as I was done with MY game. She asked what I had to do and I told her, "A few muggings, hold up a corner store, rob a warehouse and beat up someone."

She responded, "Ooh, sounds like a lovely family game."

She might be right. Maybe I should go back to wasting time on Webkinz.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Small Fry

While her big sisters have been at a day camp all week, Miss M aka. Small Fry and I have been spending lots of quality time together. Yesterday at lunch, she was being so adorable I could've eaten her with a spoon! And she knew it.

This is what I got when I kept asking her to look at me! She was trying very hard NOT to.

And all of my children have an odd knack for making goofball faces when I try to take their photos. What's up with that?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Potty humor

Today we spent the afternoon swimming in a friend's man made, big pond/lake. They have a wonderful set up and are very hospitable, right down to having a readily available port-a-potty.

After a few hours of playing in the water, M felt the call of nature and I directed her towards the small blue building. She came back a few minutes later with hastily pulled up swimsuit bottoms and informed me, "It's clogged!"

I told her it was okay and not clogged but that instead they only flushed it every few days so to go ahead and use it. She hurried back inside.

About 30 minutes later I saw her head for the small building again. But, it was occupied. She stood outside the door, holding herself and informing me she had to go 'really bad!' Finally it was her turn and all was well.

Does anyone else think she didn't really go the second time she went in there? I'm thinkin' not. I guess that it's been so drilled into her to not use a clogged toilet that she couldn't bring herself to do it. That is, until she HAD to.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fourth of July

A few pictures from our Fourth-of-July-Wienie-Roast-over-the-firepit. First of all, my plan was to do this on the 3rd, since that's the night we went to fireworks but due to a breakdown in communication, we had no wood. Secondly, when you have all girls, the word 'wienie' only refers to 'hotdogs', not body parts.

We started with some hula-hooping. I must say, that I think their skill comes from playing WiiFit.
(and yes, that is their pathetic excuse for a trampoline in the background...okay?)

G has also become a master hula hooper. Super de dooper hula hooper. Gosh I need to pooper hula hooper. Sorry.... I'll stop now.

M on the other hand..... she needs help. Thankfully, she has an obliging sister as you can see from the following.

G eating a slightly warmed wienie. Some of my children don't have enough patience to fully cook the wienies.

Here's a slightly different angle and crop on the same setting. NO, that is not her drink. The DaddyMan's chair was next to hers so he borrowed a cup holder. It made me laugh when I saw it which is why I'm including it. I was raised in the 70s and there are tons of pictures of me with beer cans. I turned out just fine. (shut up!)

Piper the Wonder Dog guarded the food. She's very good at what she does. So good in fact that you had to step over her to get to the food as M's demonstrating. :)
A and I had a s'mores eating contest. I let her win. She ate 3, I had two. I so could've beaten her but every so often I like to give her self confidence a boost. Okay, really, I was saving room for all the Twizzlers I knew I'd eat during the fireworks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Things that make you go 'hmm'.

G was playing at the computer. From the next room, I could hear her singing a song that she was making up as she went along and randomly clapping too.

It sounded rather....odd. I asked, "Honey, why are you clapping?"

There was a brief pause and then in a slightly confused voice she responded, "I have no idea."

It's always good to know that I'm not the only one plagued by "why am I doing this??"

Friday, July 3, 2009

That's my girl!

A has learned the joys of garage saling. And can I just say how insanely proud of my young protege I am? This is a girl that can spot American Girl dolls from the curb and knows to ask if they'll take a little less if she presents the seller with a whole pile of books. Gosh, I love this girl!

The other week she was visiting dear friends of ours. They were discussing the movie, "High School Musical." A told them that she hasn't seen it yet, because..... (are you ready??) "we haven't found it at a garage sale yet." I especially love the 'yet' she added to the end. She knows that sooner or later, we'll find what we're looking for. :) (We found it a couple of days later, for the low, low price of only $1!)

A day or so later, she told the same friends that she couldn't stay up to late, because she had to get up and ready to go garage saling on Friday. They didn't believe that she really was willing to get up early to go garage saling. She informed them, "But there are bargains to be found!"

She definitely is a chip off this old block. And gosh, I'm proud. Sniff.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I think the DaddyMan's been gone too much lately. He came home a bit ago and went upstairs to change. I heard M exclaim, "Daddy! What are you doing here?" and he responded, "I live here."

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Health class....fail.

G has a stuffy nose. As I kissed her at nap time, she demonstrated the funny noise she could make when she attempted to breathe thru her nose. I told her to breathe thru her mouth and if that didn't work, try breathing thru her ears. ;)

She just brought me a coat that had been hanging outside airing out. She told me she sniffed it and it smelled good. She informed me, "I can smell a little bit. But breathing thru my ears....that didn't work so good."

Ya think? :D

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sex ed..... Fail.

G asked me "What's the difference between boy dogs and girl dogs?"

I said, "Well, what makes boys different than girls?"

She said, questioning, "Boys stand when they pee?"

I said, "Yes and why can they do that?"

She answered, "Because they're inappropriate?"

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sum, sum, summer time!

It's summer! The warm weather has finally hit our part of the country with a vengence! Our school work is mostly done, the sprinkler's been pulled out and it's time to relax. Or something like that.

Last week the DaddyMan and I went to Park City, Utah for a conference for his job. The girls went to my dear, sainted friend's house for the week. They had a blast. I fell in love with Park City. What a beautiful place!

M learned a nursery rhyme. It could sum up their week with my friend (well, except for the 'beating' part).

There was an old lady who lived in a house with too manychildren and didn't know wha tto do. So she beat them all and put them in those guys beds.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Awww...so romantic

On Sunday, the girls and I followed an older couple into church. They were walking, chatting and holding hands.
A leaned in close and said, "See that? They're holding hands."

Before I could comment, she followed it up with, "Kinda makes ya sick, doesn't it?"

I'm writing all these down so that some day, all too soon, when she starts to like boys, I can remind her of how she used to be. ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I am loved.

I was talking to my favorite Uncle Tom tonight on the phone. He calls me regularly and we talk about almost everything. Tonight's conversation was mostly about a sewing project he wants me to do for him. He offered to pay me to do it to make sure he gets into my 'to be done immediately' queue. I laughed.

I also told him about a fun quote I read. Since he lives in a house full of women, I thought he'd appreciate it. It is, "Women aren't so hard to figure out. Just tell us we're pretty and give us chocolate."

He laughed and then said, "I better go, Beautiful. And there's a check coming your way."

Since I hadn't realized he seriously planned to pay me to sew for him (silly uncle!) I said, "What for?"

And he replied, "Chocolate."

Finally! A man who gets it! :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

You can't make everyone happy.

Tonight after supper, we lounged on the couch and watched a movie. The girls wanted dessert. My tummy was happy so I suggested they wait awhile. They took turns asking for about the next 30 minutes and were starting to get on my nerves.

Then M stretched herself across my lap, lifted her shirt and said, "See my tummy? It's mad at you."

When I asked why, she informed me, "Because it wants some 'ssert!"

I let them finish the Rice Krispie bars. Heaven knows I don't need their tummies upset! ;)

Friday, June 5, 2009


You know how sometimes, you see something and you think, "This could turn out badly?" but you blow it off and thing, "Nah, that wouldn't happen."

Someday I'm going to learn to listen to that little voice.

Today we went garage saling. The girls grabbed their iPods, water bottles and magnifying glasses (the toy of choice the last 24 hours) and got in the car bright and early this morning. The first sale didn't appear to have much so I hopped out, leaving them in the locked van at the end of the driveway. I made a purchase and opened the door to tattling.

"Mom! Look what G did with her magnifying glass!"

Yes, just as I'd thought about earlier, she had indeed used her magnifying glass to burn something. What, you ask? Her little sister's Britax carseat cover. I understand now why they make them flame retardent. So that when your stinker big sister uses the sun and a magnifying glass to try to set it on fire--she can't.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why yes

I am still alive. I just haven't been here. We're settled in back at home---why does coming back home and getting back into routine take as long or longer than the packing did? We're wrapping up the school year (yay us--math is done!) and I'm working furiously to clean the basement and prepare for a garage sale.

So... I still have more pictures to post, funny stories to share and other assorted randomness that is my style. It's coming. I promise. :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

This is one of the things my girls most look forward to when we make our trips back 'home'. They love horses and especially Shimmer. Shimmer's an old pony and insanely tolerant and gentle.

She tolerates 7 year olds telling her what to do.
She tolerated two little girls showing off while riding. Of course, a couple minutes later, the big one said, "Let's trot!" which her little sister wasn't too keen on. M wrapped her arms tightly around G and as M slid off the side, G went with her. Shimmer stopped and just stood there, eating grass and waiting for the little troublemakers to get out from under her feet. I was so concerned that I just stood by and laughed. I'm sad I didn't catch it on video because it was rather amusing to watch them sliiiiide off the side, as if Shimmer's back was a slide at the park.

G, lover of all this horsey, got right back on while M needed some love first. It took about 2 minutes before G was a little over zealous in trying to make Shimmer turn and fell off again. Here she is after her second fall, right after she announced, "I'm okay!" Notice Shimmer? She's just using the opportunity for a quick snack on the lucious green stuff that was all around.

After a few more minutes of riding, G demonstrated the proper way to dismount the slide shaped pony. I'd say this girl's got 'getting off a horse' figured out.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Road trip

(I apologize in advance that the pictures don't show up in their full glory. I'm going to mess around w/the backgrounds and see if that helps. Click on them for the full sized image, okay?)

The girls and I road tripped back to the land of our births last week for my niece's graduation. The girls thought graduation was incredibly boring but the week wasn't a total bust because they got to spend some quality time with this:
Isn't she pretty? Her name's Cheyenne and she's checking me out from a distance because I'm standing under a red, white and blue umbrella. I don't like to get wet.
Others don't care. They'll even climb up wet fences to take in the local sites.

Or maybe that was just a better perch to wait their turns at this. Yep, a ride on the old gray mare.

(Yes, I know that Crocs aren't your typical horseback riding footwear of choice, but when you're riding a 30 year old swayback pony bareback, they work juuust fine.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Art class

Every so often I try to be the cool mom and do a cool art project. It always starts out neatly, with everyone using utensils.

But they quickly switch to hands.

After they dried, we cut the pictures up and arranged them.
Then using a LOT of slightly water down glue, we stuck it on an artist's canvas.

After it dried, we hung it on my painter's tape blue kitchen wall. I LOVE it. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Game time

Thursday, May 14, 2009


M and G are buddies. Good buddies. They do about everything together. They have decided that they cannot sleep alone and have taken up sharing a twin bed. Earlier, I found them watching the screen saver on my computer. They love to watch the pictures of them scroll and discuss them. What really cracked me up is how they cannot sit together without touching. All.the.time.