Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bananas are mammals??

Yesterday while perusing the grocery store with my three cherubs, we walked past a half gallon of banana flavored milk. Here's the conversation that followed.

Me: Wow, they make banana milk now. Eww! (I hate bananas, just an FYI)

A: Banana milk?? Since when did bananas start making milk?

Me: Um, honey, it's banana FLAVORED, not from bananas.

A: Oh, okay. I was thinking, "Bananas don't have young, why would they make milk!?"

Me: :hysterical laughter in the middle of the frozen food aisle:


ThoughtfulMom said...

It amuses me that she thought about it. :)

Anonymous said...

She is so funny!!!

Sounds kind of yummy.

Carrie said...

Again, your children have far too much wit. Was she really serious or just pulling off some Shimada humor?