Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Another year has passed already. Wow, time flies when you spend your days wiping up after the people and dog in your life.

Because the cool bloggers are posting year end recaps, I'm going to copy them. And while I didn't adopt from Ethiopia this year or have a tree impressively smash my van, I've had some entertaining moments in my year too.

January--We were sick a lot. I won't post links. I don't want to remember that month.

In February, I got to meet an old friend for the first time. She was on her way home from Ethiopia.

March brought a little bit more love to our house:

April brought friends to our house. A good time was had by all.

In May, we went to N'Awlins and I got tipsy. You can go read the details here if you want. My sweet Miss G turned 6.

June brought the "Great Talk" with A. Gruesome!

It was in July that we went back and visited God's country.

In August, someone small and precious picked out a wedgie in church. Aaah, parenting at it's finest.

September took us to Six Flags. A good time was had by most:

In October I submitted a good application for Mom of the Year and my baby, M turned 4. Sniff.

It was in November that I seemed to have a larger than normal number of Stupid Days. I posted about them here, and here . And Piper the Wonder Dog turned 1!

That brings us to December which contains a lot of Christmas pictures, A's birthday, and a family ski trip.

Whew! What a busy year! I'm looking forward to the coming year with hope and anticipation of the blessings to come. I also plan to once and for all figure out how to make my pictures look right again.

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houseofestrogen said...

I copied your year-in-review idea (that you copied from others LOL!)!! :)