Saturday, January 3, 2009

Online friends

I met Erica online more than 7 years ago. Last year, when she and her dh adopted the sweetest little boy from Ethiopia, I went to the airport during their layover and we finally got to meet in person. After talking on the phone daily for years, it was truly a great day!

Anyway... Erica and her family really want to help the people of Ethiopia and she's leaving in 3 short weeks for a short term mission trip. It would be really great if she could take all kinds of useful things along with her to give to the people who need so much.

Amazingly, she's already raised the money she needed for a plane ticket. They know a young man who has an enormous heart and he gave her most of her ticket money. If only we were all led to so unselfishly give.

Erica's a die hard coffee lover. It's pretty much what fuels her. Consider giving up this week's Starbucks run and donating what you would've spent there to the people of Ethiopia.

In case you missed the link at the top, here it is again.

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Erica said...

Well aren't you the sweetest!