Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wow, a system that's working!

After reading about the Choreganizers system on Pioneer Woman's blog. I went in search of the book. I found one online that was gently used and ordered it. I was disappointed when it arrived tho, because ALL the chore cards were missing. Um, hello?? That's why you need the $16 book!

I knew I COULD make my own cards, but that it would take time. Finally one day a few weeks ago, I gathered my supplies and during M's 30 minute speeech session, I cut and labelled about 30 or so chore cards. I didn't want them to get bent up and ratty too fast, so I put the cards into small, plastic zippered bags I'd found at Hobby Lobby. Then I divided up my foam core board into three sections (thank God I can divide by 3), stuck some self-stick Velcro to each card and the board, decorated the little storage boxes and I was done. Oh yeah, I also cut out their initials to label each girl's section of the board (and you thought my using their initials was just for the internet--HA!) and THEN I was done. Honestly, start to finish this was WELL under an hour to put together.

Here's my masterpiece:
(A few comments for those who took the time to READ the cards. No, G didn't really have to put away her pjs twice that day. I staged the photo by pulling out today's used cards and some how M put her pjs card in G's used box. G empties the dishwasher, M had to put away the silverware. Slinger Duty? A big drooly dog makes slingers. They stick to things. This might just be my favorite card in the box because slingers bug me.)

How does this work? Well P-Dub explained it really well here, so I won't repeat. But I have to say that my house has been pretty tidy now for several weeks. Yay! The bathrooms get wiped down more regularly, the little messy areas aren't in a constant state of messy AND most importantly, I am not nagging. If Piper the Wonder Dog needs fed, I just look at the board and call a name and they know to come do their job.

Why does this work so well? Aaah, it's all because of the rewards! Yep, for each day you do ALL your jobs, you get a Mom Buck. You can spend your Mom Bucks in the Mom Store. Ours is open on the 10th, 20th and 30th of the month. To make them see that this really is worth their time, the first Mom Store offering had some REALLY good loot.

I'd gotten the Webkins as part of a BOGO deal at Christmas, I got the Playmobil and Sticky Mosaics set for 1/2 off after Christmas and the Bitty Baby set came from a garage sale. I need to keep my eyes open for future store inventory so that I don't break the bank.

To buy the Choreganizers book new, it's about $16 plus shipping. I spent $1 on sale for the foam core board and $2.50 for 100 plastic zippered bags. I had the index cards on hand as well as the Command adhesive strips to hang it on the wall. I had the envelopes (they hold the Mom Bucks behind each girl's name), papers and the storage boxes for the used cards are 'repurposed' Jello boxes. (My girls were just as excited about the Jello as they were about the chore board. LOL) Yeah, under $4--EASY. I'm cheap like that in case you are new to my blog. ;)

We'd been doing this for about 9 days when I opened the Mom Store, which is why there is a nice $8 prize geared towards each kid. I had them roll a dice to determine who got to pick first. Of course, M rolled the highest number on the dice and got to go first. She took the Playmobil catapult that I knew A wanted. G took the jewels set I knew she'd want and A....well, she's saving her bucks for the Webkinz. She quickly did the math and realized that since her sisters spent all their money, in 10 days she'll be the only one with enough money to buy it, regardless if she rolls high enough to pick first next time. She's also old enough to patiently wait 10 days.

So, there you have it. A chore system for your kids that actually gets them excited about the chores! Of course, when spring comes and I add the "Pick up Piper piles" card, the enthusiasm may wane a bit. I'll let you know.


houseofestrogen said...

Way to go! Will you post again in a couple months and let us know if it is still going well? Looks like a great system, but I have a feeling it would fall apart in our house after a month or two. :( I really need to find a chore system that works. We had charts for a while that were going well, but slacked off on them at some point. I like the board... looks neat!

Anonymous said...

I should do that. What are the other jobs they do?

karenamundson said...

That looks great! What age would you say that book is for?