Monday, February 16, 2009

I am loved!

Who cares if my birthday was more than 10 days ago? Some gifts are worth waiting for! My sister sent me these gorgeous hand embroidered pillowcases!

She thinks my mom was given them by some other relatives for a wedding gift and they've been stored away in either Mom's or my sister's cedar chest for almost 50 years! (If they were wedding gifts to Mom, that means that she got them in 1961. Or if they were baby gifts when my sister was born, that was 1962.)

Isn't that one of the coolest gifts EVER!? I'm thinking that I need to pull out the quilt blocks from my cedar chest and make someone a quilt to go with these pillows!

Thanks Yosie! :D


Cathe said...

That is indeed a gift to treasure.

Amanda said...

How wonderful! My great grandmother gave me an embroidered kitty one when I was little just like yours! How cool!

Anonymous said...

Finally got it to come up!! WOW!! Frame them!

NorahS said...

Very cool! I love vintage 50s and 60s stuff.