Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm still here

Yesterday we went to church. The DaddyMan left early, I got myself and my girls ready (on time even!) and we buckled into the van.

A few blocks from home, we have to make a right turn onto a four lane highway that runs through town. This is a busy road with lots of traffic, including semis. It's not uncommon to sit at our regular intersection for almost a minute waiting for a break in traffic. The speed limit is about 35 mph but some people are maniacs. This is the stretch of highway where I was hit by a drunk driver three years ago.

So, as we're approaching the stop sign for the highway, I planned ahead due to the snow from the day before and braked early. When I hit the brakes, my van started to slide. And slide. And slide. I was not stopping. As I got close to the corner, still not slowing down, I cranked the wheel hard to the side, hoping to hit the curb and stop. I kept sliding straight.for.the.intersection.

At that moment I had the thought, "We're going right out into traffic." "Please God no!" and "Hit the horn as a warning." all at the same time. So that's what I did. I laid on the horn and looked quickly to see who was coming from the left. I saw one car. It was a small one, but since visibility isn't the best, I didn't know what was behind it.

I continued sliding into the left lane of my side of the highway and then, all of a sudden my van spun hard to the right and I was back into the right hand lane, going the right direction! Honestly, it was as if my car had just been turned and put in it's place. I didn't remember turning the wheel that far to the right and was shocked when I discovered I was right where I needed to be.

The car I saw before I hit the highway? He apparently heard and/or saw me coming and slowed down and moved to the left lane, because he slowly passed me after I was on the highway and getting moving. Honestly, by all rights...I should've plowed into him or him into me--we were the same distance from the corner when I was sliding.

Once it was over and we were safely on our way, I burst into tears. I'm not normally like that but I was so freaked from what could've happened. I'm still thanking God for His protection over us all. I know the girls didn't have any idea how close we came. M in the backseat had her hands in the air, because she thought it was a roller coaster. Oh to be so childlike! She didn't know that Mommy almost killed her.


mamabeck said...

Praise God you are all okay!

And thanking God that you are so vigilant with your carseats!

Susan said...

Even a near death story is funny when written by you.

Praise God for his protection.


Cathe said...

Mommy did NOT almost kill her. The snow and ice were at fault. It sounds to me like you (and God!) did a very good job of avoiding an accident.


zech-n-lily-r-blessings said...

so glad you didn't die!

houseofestrogen said...

Oh gosh, how scary! I'm SOOOO glad you guys are all OK!

Sharie said...

God wasn't calling you Home to dinner yet. Our lives are in His loving hands moment by moment. Hugs to you all!!!! Love, Sharie

coopersadventure said...

God is so AWESOME! He does so many things to protect us in such BIG and small ways; things that only He can do. I'm so glad you and your girls are okay!

Cathe said...

Are you really still here? Haven't seen you around much.

alittlemoore said...

I am glad you all were ok!