Saturday, February 21, 2009

Random thoughts

*Why do people insist on putting face sucking pictures of themselves all over the internet? I'm not the least bit opposed to big juicy kisses with your significant other, but really, I don't need to see you doing it and I don't plan to show me doin' it.

*I'm on a Scrabble kick. A and I have been playing a bunch and I'm playing it on Facebook. The other night I was playing two games with two different people and watching ER.

*I think they're going to kill off Dr. Carter on ER. Ever notice that no one's allowed to be happy on that show? I've been watching it for 15 years and I've only ever missed about 2 epsiodes. Whatever will I do on Thursday nights when it ends?

*I started sorting out papers from my file drawer since the DaddyMan was working on our taxes. There are two piles on the counter that have been there all week. I really should be dealing with those instead of blogging right now. I had fun using the paper shredder. I could've worked for Enron. ;)


Melisa said...

I just watched ER from this past Thursday. I had the same thought about them killing off or making at least making everyone unhappy. This final season has been good though. Hard to believe I've watched a TV show for this long!

zech-n-lily-r-blessings said...

You are absolutely halairious! And definately ADD!
I, too, have watched ER forever! And I am sad thinking about all the great thursday night shows going off... I am still a bit sad about Friends! I loved that show!
ER is getting a bit much... well, its been that way since that guy got his arm butchered by a helicopter then later died... by a helicopter! Serisouly, does that EVER happen... in chicago??

Erica said...

Oh my gosh. so addicted to facebook scrabble. Thanks.

Umm....can we say ADD? Just checkin.

I'm SO sucking face with my husband and taking a picture. Guess where its gonna go!?! I feel a new profile picture coming on.....