Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Taste of what??

We went out for dinner tonight since it was someone's birthday. The girls were eager to try escargot and A shared her opinion of it as we left the restaurant.

"I thought it would taste okay, but it really tastes like a rubber band dipped in butter."

After the DaddyMan and I recovered from her comment, she tried to clarify.

"I thought it would be chewy like clam, not a rubber band. I just said it wrong."

This brought on the question of just HOW she knows what a rubber band tastes like. Thank God she had a decent answer for that:

"Well after you shoot rubber bands a bunch of times for like an hour and then you suck on your fingers 'cause they hurt, you can taste the rubber bands on your fingers."

Aaah, well then.... THAT makes perfect sense.


Carrie said...

Now that is the best explanation of that that I've ever heard. Way to go Miss A.

I'm also impressed that she tried that at all. I had it for the first time, um, about a year ago.

houseofestrogen said...

(loved the story, BTW)

Erica said...

The conversations you all have is a HOOT. Happy Happy Birthday!!! From the friend who NEVER forgets ones birthday. ;)