Sunday, March 8, 2009

He's gifted

DaddyMan did the taxes. After rooting thru my filing drawer to find him the papers and such that he needed, I decided this would be a good time to clean out that drawer.

I spent days sorting, organizing and deciding what to discard. Then I spent hours feeding papers to the shredder. Then, sadly, my shredder stopped. I still had more than an inch high stack to shred! Aaaaah!

I complained to the DaddyMan. He told me it was probably dead. Shoot. I left it on the counter, right where it had died because a)it's to cold to run it to the garage garbag can and b)I was feeling lazy. I spent the day walking past it and thinking that I should just pick the fool thing up and run it to the trash. But I didn't.

Later in the day, the DaddyMan asked me if I got it to work again. I said, "Nope. Unless it's a Pentecostal paper shredder and it's been miraculously healed."

The DaddyMan put his hand on top of it, switched it on, fed it paper and it WORKED! "Hallelujah!" I yelled. "I never knew you were a healer!"

He just smiled. Who know that after 15 years I'd learn about yet another talent my man has?


Erica said...

Wow. Here I thought he was baptist.

Cheryl said...

I think they stop automatically when they've worked too long because they get hot. Mine does the same thing. Then I wait five minutes and it starts again.