Sunday, March 22, 2009

I am woman...

Hear me snore.

(okay, really funny, I just typed "hear me snort" which is SO true of me and so ironic considering that a friend just sent me some really funny pictures of herself that make me laugh until I snorted repeatedly. I'd post them, but I've been threatened with bodily harm if I did. Sorry.)

Okay, back to today's topic. Snoring. That's what I plan to do very soundly tonight as I am worn out! I decided to Rug Doctor my carpets today. I've been tossing this idea out to the DaddyMan lately and even outright suggesting it, but he's never jumped at the chance.

So, like the feminist that I am (snort!), today I took matters into my own hands and just First I rented the machine and bought the cleaner. Then I moved the dual recliner couch into the entryway and then I lifted the recliner upside down and set it on the couch. Then I stretched my back and drank a whole glass of water while contemplating a stronger drink.

After that, I spent about 45 minutes deafening myself with the Rug Doctor and cursing the person who made the handle on the thing so short. I was very impressed at how it brought my carpet back to some of it's former glory though! When the first room was done, I moved on to the next room, after making a total maze out of the main floor which left Piper the Wonder Dog confused and trapped on several occasions. At one point she was happily laying on a damp section of just cleaned carpet because I think it was the only space big enough for her 130lb self. Poor dear. She didn't seem to realize she's the main reason I have to clean these carpets!

Now, hours later, three rooms of carpetting are clean. Two are dry and I'm partially moved back into those rooms and the other will hopefully be dry by morning. If not, I'll turn off the furnace again, open the windows and let the breezes blow through. After the house temp drops to 55 like it did today, I will hopefully remember to turn the furnace back on again.

Maybe tomorrow I'll wash curtains or some other Suzy Homemaker sort of thing. I haven't shrunk curtains in at least a year.


Carrie said...

A) you are such a good friend NOT to share things that could embarrass your friend

B) am still amazed at your he-woman capabilities!

c) will you com and work on my house too?!!!!! Pleeeaaaase!

You are once again, my hero!

Erica said...

I think you SHOULD share things that embarrass your friend. (so long as its not me thankyouverymuch)

Impressed. Now if you could bottle some of that and send it my way, I need it this week.