Thursday, March 19, 2009

Somebody talks a lot.

Once a week, I take two of my children to piano and take Miss M to run errands. I have one hour. I can get a lot done in one hour, if I hurry.

This week we ran to one store to do a return, then to buy fabric and then to Sam's Club. While riding in the cart M chattered away about anything and everything. A woman passing by commented on what a chatterbox she was.

After I picked up the big girls from their lesson, I told them, "Some lady in Sam's called M a chatterbox."

G asked, "Why'd she do that?"

A quickly replied, "Because you weren't there."

(The truth is, they are ALL chatterboxes, just in case you hadn't gotten that memo yet.... )

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Anonymous said...

So is Hannah. When I take her for a walk with me all she does is TALK! lol