Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I may have had that comin' to me.

I'm on the phone with a friend, who shall remain nameless. In the background of our conversation, I can hear her children talking. Her oldest child was nagging a sibling for messing up the floor she had JUST swept.

I laughed, "That child is SO you."

She says, "Hey, don't make fun. I'm pretty proud of my little protege!"

I said, "Right, but someday she's going to look in the mirror and see YOU and none of us enjoy seeing our mothers in the mirror!"

We converse a bit more and I can hear her child telling a story from her school day.

I say, "You know people tell me my girls talk fast but I don't always realize that until I listen to other children talk."

She responds, "Well, they do hang out with you all day. See how you are ruining them slowly?"

Touche. (Which is not what I said at the time, but this is a G-rated blog ya know....)


Erica said...

Uh. Yeah. It was comin' to ya.

Carrie said...

How did I know it was Erica? Who else does this writer get to talk to like that besides us. ;) Too funny.

Erica said...

Abusive friendship. The best kind. ;)