Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm ready for a margarita.

Wanna see why?

And if anyone things that girls are quieter than boys....just click the link for a glimpse into my life.


houseofestrogen said...

Love it! I think you deserve one!

Carrie said...

It is only fitting that God give you a glimpse of what the rest of us with boys get to deal with. :) Love it!

ThoughtfulMom said...

I have news for you:

Boys are still louder.

And they won't stop until everyone has something to cry about. You can try to stop them, but as soon as your back is turned, they are at it again until every single one of them has injured himself.

Your girls are loud, but at least they have some common sense.

Erica said...

Wow. Just wow. At least girls don't pee all over the floor.

theciskekidsrblessings said...

I am surprised you weren't joining in, come on! Where do you think they get all that silliness? HMMMM?
Too cute... Now, I like some silliness, but the dog would have to go. I am not a doggy person! hehe