Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Money Musings

I quit my job almost 9 years ago. A was 2.5 years old and I'd nannied for the same family for 7 years. It was a tough decision. Tougher still because my salary had seen us thru some lean times--owning and then losing our company.

Thankfully, I'd been raised to be frugal. I considered doing some sort of home business to help pay the bills but I quickly realized that I'm better at saving money than truly making money. I buy things on sale, I shop garage sales and if I can't find what I want for the price I want to pay, I just go with out or improvise. I truly believe God has given us some huge blessings because our our tightwadness.

Today was another example of saving money vs. earning more money. Kmart is having double coupon days. They'll double any coupon up to $2. Sweet. I compared my stack of coupons to their ad and made a list. After my trip, I'd bought $22.50 worth for only $7.20. That's about a 70% discount. I was thrilled.

Then I went to do laundry. My dryer door wouldn't shut. I could see the problem was with the latch, so I tried to tear it apart. When that didn't work, I got online and Googled. I discovered a)this is a frequent problem with my brand of dryer and b)it's an easy fix. I was just preparing to get out my screwdriver when the DaddyMan showed up and he took over. (He still gets a little twitchy when I start tearing apart the appliances or using power tools.)

Twenty minutes later, the door was fixed. That saved us at least $80. I ordered a replacement part online for the next time it breaks and I know that the $4.50 part would've probably cost me about two or three times that if a repair guy had come to fix the dryer. Sweet.

All told, today I saved my family at least $100. That'll cover our groceries for the week. To quote Miss G, "Yay me!"

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Erica said...

Way to go mamas!