Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back in the saddle again...

This is one of the things my girls most look forward to when we make our trips back 'home'. They love horses and especially Shimmer. Shimmer's an old pony and insanely tolerant and gentle.

She tolerates 7 year olds telling her what to do.
She tolerated two little girls showing off while riding. Of course, a couple minutes later, the big one said, "Let's trot!" which her little sister wasn't too keen on. M wrapped her arms tightly around G and as M slid off the side, G went with her. Shimmer stopped and just stood there, eating grass and waiting for the little troublemakers to get out from under her feet. I was so concerned that I just stood by and laughed. I'm sad I didn't catch it on video because it was rather amusing to watch them sliiiiide off the side, as if Shimmer's back was a slide at the park.

G, lover of all this horsey, got right back on while M needed some love first. It took about 2 minutes before G was a little over zealous in trying to make Shimmer turn and fell off again. Here she is after her second fall, right after she announced, "I'm okay!" Notice Shimmer? She's just using the opportunity for a quick snack on the lucious green stuff that was all around.

After a few more minutes of riding, G demonstrated the proper way to dismount the slide shaped pony. I'd say this girl's got 'getting off a horse' figured out.


Sharie said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful girls and scenery! So sorry I didn't get to see you when you were back.

Cathe said...

That looks like such a pleasant place. I am glad the girls had fun, and I know you enjoyed it, too.