Thursday, May 7, 2009


Every afternoon, shortly before I expect the DaddyMan to get home, I run around and tidy the house. We call it the "Ten Minute Tidy" and for years I have joked that it's when I make it look like I've done a full day's work in only 10 minutes.

Yesterday, just as I started my tidy, the phone rang. It was the DaddyMan. Here's our conversation:

Him: Hey, what are you doing?

Me: Oh, just cleaning up to make it look like I did a full day's work around here before you get home. What are you doing?

Him: Just calling to let you know I'm on my way home so you can run around and make it look like you did a full day's work before I get there.

Me: I'm so glad we've learned to communicate so well after 15 years of marriage.

Him: Me too!

Ah, yes, the joy of familiarity.

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