Friday, May 8, 2009

A moment of privacy? Anyone??

This morning, while I was in the shower, I had a few interruptions.

First came G. "Mom, I'm making something. Do you spell happy h-a-p-p-i?" I corrected her from the other side of the curtain and then she asked, "How do you spell "Mother's Day?" She couldn't see my smile as I spelled that for her and when she was done, she said, "Okay! Thanks!" and left.

Seconds later M walked in. "Wanna see my picture?" I pointed out to her that I was in the shower, but peeked around the curtain anyway. She wouldn't show it to me. "It's for Mudder's Day!" she giggled and left.

I was almost finished with my rinsing when A burst into announce the phone was ringing and to tell me who it was. "So, answer it!" I told her. She left and came back to tell me she didn't get there in time. I told her to bring me the phone. The water was still running when she brought the phone to the other side of the curtain and said, "Here!" "The counter honey, just put it on the counter...."

Sometimes I forget and think that I am entitled to moments of privacy. I lost that right when I signed up for this schtick, didn't I?

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