Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Someone had a birthday

My beautiful Miss G had a birthday. Such joy this child is! She's the one who arrived after 9 hours of all natural labor; the one who's birth gave me an endorphin rush like I'd never seen before and haven't seen since. That pretty much sums her up too--she's a lot of energy in a small body and lots of fun. I'm so glad she's mine.

She got things to color from Great Aunt D and Uncle D.

Money from your grandparents is always a hit! They send a savings bond too, but it doesn't get this kind of reaction.

Aunty C and Uncle D sent a PINK bag full of girlyness. She LOVED it. Check out her mouth in these shots.

The American Girl doll is from Mom and DaddyMan. It's hard to find a "just like you" doll that looks just like my G. This one's close enough.

Piper the Wonder Dog became Princess Piper for a few minutes. She loved it, can't you tell?

And the piece de resistance---the Bakerella 14 layer cake. Mine was 12 layers--I got tired of making them. G saw this on Bakerella's blog a few weeks ago and declared it THE cake for her birthday. I spent the afternoon on it. (I also made her a pair of capris that matched the skirt I made for her new dolly. Yes, I am the queen of multitasking and procrastination.)
(Blowing out the candles was something like those asthma commercials from years ago--I spared you all the pictures.)

In actualilty, the candles say "Happy Birthday".

Yes, this was every bit as yummy as it looked. It is SO insanely rich that only the DaddyMan could finish his piece. The rest of us discussed vomiting. We were rather full. Funny, how when a recipe calls for FIVE sticks of butter, the results are rather overwhelming.


houseofestrogen said...

Wow! That's an amazing cake! I'm impressed!! Happy Birthday G!

coopersadventure said...

Did you type 5 sticks of butter? Yummy!!! That is one awesome looking cake!

Happy Birthday G! It looks like she had an amazing day.