Friday, June 5, 2009


You know how sometimes, you see something and you think, "This could turn out badly?" but you blow it off and thing, "Nah, that wouldn't happen."

Someday I'm going to learn to listen to that little voice.

Today we went garage saling. The girls grabbed their iPods, water bottles and magnifying glasses (the toy of choice the last 24 hours) and got in the car bright and early this morning. The first sale didn't appear to have much so I hopped out, leaving them in the locked van at the end of the driveway. I made a purchase and opened the door to tattling.

"Mom! Look what G did with her magnifying glass!"

Yes, just as I'd thought about earlier, she had indeed used her magnifying glass to burn something. What, you ask? Her little sister's Britax carseat cover. I understand now why they make them flame retardent. So that when your stinker big sister uses the sun and a magnifying glass to try to set it on fire--she can't.


Carrie said...

Wow girl, what happened to your blog? I can see all the picutres. Awesome. I am going to start praying harder for their time here....."more angels please Lord...." :)

Sonia Johnson said...

What did the Daddyman say about that? Perhaps you have a future scientist. When my 2-y-old niece used the handles on her tall dresser to scale it to the top, her daddy said "Yes, she's a climber!" My sister had a different view.

houseofestrogen said...

Yikes! How scary! I'm glad nobody got hurt, and nothing was really damaged. That just gives me chills thinking about the "what could have happened!"

Cathe said...

At least it was the car seat and not the sister.