Friday, July 10, 2009

Potty humor

Today we spent the afternoon swimming in a friend's man made, big pond/lake. They have a wonderful set up and are very hospitable, right down to having a readily available port-a-potty.

After a few hours of playing in the water, M felt the call of nature and I directed her towards the small blue building. She came back a few minutes later with hastily pulled up swimsuit bottoms and informed me, "It's clogged!"

I told her it was okay and not clogged but that instead they only flushed it every few days so to go ahead and use it. She hurried back inside.

About 30 minutes later I saw her head for the small building again. But, it was occupied. She stood outside the door, holding herself and informing me she had to go 'really bad!' Finally it was her turn and all was well.

Does anyone else think she didn't really go the second time she went in there? I'm thinkin' not. I guess that it's been so drilled into her to not use a clogged toilet that she couldn't bring herself to do it. That is, until she HAD to.

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