Friday, July 3, 2009

That's my girl!

A has learned the joys of garage saling. And can I just say how insanely proud of my young protege I am? This is a girl that can spot American Girl dolls from the curb and knows to ask if they'll take a little less if she presents the seller with a whole pile of books. Gosh, I love this girl!

The other week she was visiting dear friends of ours. They were discussing the movie, "High School Musical." A told them that she hasn't seen it yet, because..... (are you ready??) "we haven't found it at a garage sale yet." I especially love the 'yet' she added to the end. She knows that sooner or later, we'll find what we're looking for. :) (We found it a couple of days later, for the low, low price of only $1!)

A day or so later, she told the same friends that she couldn't stay up to late, because she had to get up and ready to go garage saling on Friday. They didn't believe that she really was willing to get up early to go garage saling. She informed them, "But there are bargains to be found!"

She definitely is a chip off this old block. And gosh, I'm proud. Sniff.

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Carrie said...

You have trained her well! She is following in your footsteps so well in so many the degree that as she stayed with me I felt like I had just spent 5 days with you. :)