Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to normal?

We started back to school this week. As per tradition, I took the girls out front and made them pose for pictures. I took individual pictures, but they just weren't quite the challenge that group photos are with my ladies. Ladies? I'm not sure that's the proper term for what follows.

I really, truly don't know where I got that one. She must take after her father.

About this point, I realized that I didn't appreciate how easy it was to take a picture of only one child when that's all I had to photograph. Or even two. Do you know how many pictures I have that have my first two children, looking at the camera, smiling and looking normal? Tons.

I may or may not have threatened bodily harm to get this shot. No one heard me and the children won't tell.

Will anyone notice if this is our Christmas card photo this year? It is only 4 months away and my odds of getting another picture of three normal looking children are pretty slim.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's been awhile....

Summer's been busy. And now, sadly, it's pretty much over. We're starting school on Monday. I'm not sure I'm ready yet since mentally I still need a vacation.

We were supposed to vacation last week to Mt.Rushmore, Yellowstone and then to my inlaws in Montana. But, the DaddyMan's grandpa died in Omaha, so we went there instead. We did make one day fun by going to the zoo and that was enjoyed by all. Somewhere, there are pictures. I don't see the camera at the moment but it's around here some where. If I got off my butt to find it, I would instead see the garage sale finds of this morning that need put away, the laundry that needs done, the lunch dishes that need dealt with and inevitably I'll never get back in here to post today, so it's best I just stay here on my butt and ramble some more.

My brain is feeling tired. I think that may be exacerbated by all the scents I smelled at Bath and Body Works, aka The Stinky Store, a while ago. I want something to make my house smell pretty but I wound up with a headache and overloaded brain instead. I guess we'll just continue with the "Eau de Chien" that we currently have. (That's "smell of dog" for you non French speaking people.)

I read two books this week. Funny how all that time in the car with three children plugged into a dvd player gives a mom lots of time to read. I love to read. The idea of finishing this series makes me almost want to go on another long road trip. Or not.

I had to go to the chiropractor yesterday after we got back to town. My back and neck were messed up. I'm not sure if it was the stress of travelling, the awful hotel beds or my dearest-frien- in-the-world's wickedly firm guest bed. I think when they move, I will buy them a nice Aerobed. And then I will invite myself over and sleep on it. Thankfully my chiropractor fixed me right up yesterday afternoon. He has magic in those hands. Aaaah.

If the DaddyMan ever leaves me, I'm going to hunt down a single chiropractor and make him marry me. That is, after I makes sure the DaddyMan doesn't leave with my Select Comfort mattress. I love it. I love the DaddyMan too and sure don't think he'll leave me, but if he does.... I have a plan.

I should go climb into that bed now and take a nap instead of posting such ramblings on the internet for the two people who read my blog to giggle at....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I AM a fun mom, dangit!

This morning while garage saling, G found this hat. You can't tell from the extreme closeup, but she's wearing a pink and orange tie dye shirt and it matches perfectly. So cute! When she found it, she popped it on her head and said, "Please Mom?" How could I say no?? We did a bunch of errands after that sale and every one told her how adorable she was. She ate it up.

Since she was looking so adorable, her two sisters decided they also needed hats and we set out to find the necessary supplies. Three craft stores later, we went home to create. Here's M.

And A opted to go 'a little bit different, but still kinda the same' and I like it.
I took the photos to show them the next time I get told that I'm not a 'cool, crafty mom' or that Miss Carrie's funner than I am. I've got to maintain my status somehow!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sisterly love?


First child, from the bathroom--"Eww! I made a green poop."

Second child, from the kitchen, eating her lunch-- "Really?"

First child--- "Yeah! Come see!"

Second child-- "Okay!" and she darts to the bathroom, still chewing.

Second child, upon viewing -- "You're right, it IS green! What'd you eat??"

Aaah, sisterly love. Because outside of your sister, who else would you invite into the bathroom to view your bodily waste? That's right... no one.

Summer time

What, doesn't everyone empty a big bowl of watermelon while sitting in the top of their playset? This is how we've been spending our days. :)