Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garage sale score

A few months ago, my friend, Ree aka Pioneer Woman, posted about this cool looking pot from Le Creuset. "Wow, I want one!" I thought. Then I searched online and was a bit shocked at the $225+ price tage. I didn't win P-Dub's give away either. Shoot. I lumped it into the 'things I'll never own' category and went on my merry way.

Saturday, I went garage saling. All alone. It was blissful. It was rather a bust tho, since I wasn't finding anything overly exciting. That all changed tho, when I saw this sitting on the table, in the middle of some random junk.

Hmm..."That's a fun color for a pan." was my first thought. But then, I lifted the lid and saw the words "Le Creuset" and my heart started to beat a bit faster and I started to get a wee bit excited. The inside of the pot was rather scary. It was mostly black and the residue of cooked on noodles was still stuck to the bottom. It has some chips, the paint's sorta scratched and the lid's handle shows it's been in the dishwasher.

I asked the woman holding the sale, "Do you think this will come clean?" and she replied "I have no idea what my mother did to that pan!" Since the woman I was talking to was pushing 60, I had visions of a slightly forgetful 80 year old woman forgetting about her mac and cheese and charring it to the pan I held in my hands. I laughed and said, "Well, if nothing else, it'll make a dog bowl the dog can't spill, right?" She agreed.

So I paid the lady and brought it home. I figured with some elbow grease, I could make it useable. I did some online research, scrubbed it ferociously and it's no longer black inside. It's stained, but clean. Apparently these pans are so durable that it's not uncommon to have them for 50+ years. I like to think that mine was well loved by someone long before it came to me.

She's a little battle scarred, but isn't she pretty?

(did you notice the children admiring her too?) Okay, really, they were dawdling their way thru dinner and asking "Why are you taking pictures of a PAN, Mom??"

They just don't see the excitement in buying a Le Creuset Dutch oven for $1. I don't know why.


Erica said...

I'm excited. Once it cools down here I shall be garage sale shopping too.

Cathe said...

Good job!

Dell said...

Great find!

I love my Le Creuset! Mine are blue though, and purchased about 5 years ago. I call them my Proverbs 31:17 pans. ("she maketh her arms strong.")

LOVE those pans. You did great to find one for $1. You are an inspiration!

anewday said...

OOOH! Awesome! LOVE garage sales!


Sharie said...

You are one amazing and special friend. How neat that God blessed you w/ a fun orange pan. He loves to delight His children, even with old, dirty, used pans! I hope you've decided if it's a cooking pan OR the dog's water dish, but please not both!! :-)

Stacy said...

What a deal! I hope you enjoy it.

~*~ Jennifer ~*~ said...

Shut UP!! Man alive! Everything you touch turns to gold... I swear. LOL

So -- what are you using it for? Cooking?? You'd better... after getting it so clean.