Monday, September 28, 2009

Just tryin' to teach them SOMETHING.

We're studying birds. It's so exciting (hear that drip of sarcasm?). I'm not the one into flying in this familiy and birds don't thrill me. So, I'm trying hard to make it interesting and fun.

Today we discussed molting and how if a bird loses a certain feather off it's right wing, it loses the corresponding wing off it's left wing. (Cool, huh?) In an effort to engage some conversation, I said, "What would happen if instead, a bird just lost all it's feathers off one wing?"

Smart Alek A, suggested, "All the other wittle birdies will point and laugh and make fun of him?"

Class dismissed.


Erica said...

I'm guessing you meant corresponding feather not wing. Glad they learned something. ;)

Anonymous said...

Birds scare me.