Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow, it's been almost three weeks since I last posted. Life's been busy. News at 11.

The first and most important thing that's happened is that my baby had a birthday. My baby's now 5. Sniff. I've put off posting pictures because maybe if I don't, I can keep her 4 just a little longer. I'm really not ready for her to grow up.

Not to mention, I'm a wee bit embarrassed about the commercialization of her birthday. For years I've done my best to avoid character toys. I've invested a lot of money in Playmobil, Schliech and other great not-movie-affliated gifts. But, this is my baby! And of late, she's had one interest- the movie Cars. Lightning, Mater, Sally, Doc are some of her favorite things right now and therefore, that's ALL she wanted for her birthday.

Auntie R got her Shake and Go cars. She loves them. They run on their own and make lots of noise. What's not to love?

Auntie C and Uncle D sent Mack. She loves him too.

My folks sent her money. She was VERY excited to see that! "I can buy more Cars!" she squealed. And she did. I know, I'm such a good mom.

Finally was the gift from Mom and Dad (funny that Dad gets the credit and seeing what 'he' bought is just as much of a surprise for him as it is for the child.... but I digress).

I need to clarify again, how much I hate character toys, okay? Please remember that. Because you know, I wouldn't want you to think that my child is spoiled or else in 30 years she'll be single and living in my basement, moochin' off my generosity still. That wouldn't be good (although I've told her she can live with me forever....).

Here's what she got from the DaddyMan and I. It made her jump and squeal and say, "It's just what I always wanted!"

There are no pictures of her birthday cake, because I just can't bring myself to post how commercialized my baby's birthday truly was. She loved it. And really, I guess that's all that matters. Right?? Please tell me that it is.