Saturday, November 21, 2009

More chaos

A week ago, this was my office. You know, the place where I sit on my computer and the children pratice piano? Then, we emptied all the furniture, had the carpet ripped out and this pretty floor installed.
We didn't stop with just the office. No siree Bob, my entire main floor's been redone this week. Which explains why--there's no place to sit, I can't find anything and what I can find is covered in dust. It's like I moved, but I didn't purge first, nor did I put things in nicely labelled boxes.

My house is a wreck. But the floors are pretty.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


This is how our basement looked the first of October. (click on the pictures for the full view!)

Here's how it looks on November 10th.

It still needs carpet in the other room, doors, trim, furniture and stuff on the walls, but really, it looks pretty stinkin' good for 6 weeks of work. :) Yay for the DaddyMan!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

And now it's November

Wow, time's flying. Mostly while we're busy with this big basement finishing job, school, musical practice and so on.

The DaddyMan has become part mole and spends several hours a day living underground, aka. in the basement. He's also been referring to himself as 'slave boy' and makes a whip cracking sound frequently. Apparently he's been talking this way a bit too much because the other night when he mentioned that someone needed to cut Piper's toenails, M told him, "So, get on that slave boy."

Today while doing school, M was practicing saying 'girl'. R and L together is hard and she was saying it again and again. I pointed to her big sister and asked, "What is A?" M looked at A and said, "Mean old sister!"

I tried not to laugh....but it didn't work.