Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My happy place

(Click on the picture to make it big and be able to see it all.)

One of the main perks in fiinishing out the basement, is that I get a sewing room. Finally! A room of my own! I'm still trying to get the house back together after all this stuff's been done but last week I decided to crack down and tidy my sewing room. After all, I had some Christmas sewing to do, which obviously made it a priority.

I painted several weeks ago and didn't love the color. It needed girlied up a bit. So I took some painter's canvases and covered them with fabric. 5 minutes with my rotary cutter and a staple gun and I had art. The picture over my desk is a series of pictures of my mom at about age 5. She was pretty cute. She used to sew all the time. The picture to the right of that is a magnetic board. I was going to hang it just as a dry erase board, but it had some ugly spots, so I covered it with fabric too. The big beautiful flower? G made me that. :)
I've spent hours folding my stash to make it neat and tidy. I've noticed in looking at other sewing rooms online, that my stash isn't really THAT big. I would like to get a bunch of it used up tho and some of those pieces have been hangin' around a while.
There ya have it.... my happy place.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Someone should limit her tv.

The other day I had the tv on to watch the noon news. I saw a commercial for a store where a friend works. Low and behold, our friend was pictured in the background. I told the girls, "I just saw Mr. R on tv!"

A responded, "What are you watching? Cops?"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's your IQ?

Tonight A made some witty comment that had the DaddyMan and I rolling our eyes. I told the DaddyMan that I read an article this week saying that babies who cry too much or have to 'cry it out' to go to sleep have lower IQs.

"Thank God we let that one cry or she'd be WAAAY too smart," I told him.

Then one of the children asked what IQ meant. I said it was a measure of how smart you are. G told her sister, "You're dumb! You have DQ!"


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I think I gave the last post the same title. Oh well...

My house is coming together. It's no longer looking quite so much like a bomb went off, but still has the 'we just moved in' feel to it. I put a bunch of stuff on the school shelves and I've put my sewing machines on the sewing table. Aaah, that's homey.

I'm doing a bunch of sewing for Christmas. I love sewing. The house is still a mess but at least I'm making pretty things. That makes me happy.

We haven't decorated for Christmas yet. I REALLY want to paint the family room and kitchen in a more mature color scheme (my kitchen is currently 'painter's tape blue') and I haven't done it. I was going to paint my sewing room and those two rooms the same color, but the sewing room's darker than I wanted. A told me it's the color of puke. Lovely. I think it's more of a dark khaki. When I take pictures, you can decide for yourselves.

We did school in our new school room today. That made me VERY happy. Finally--the thing that's super high on my priority list has it's on space! No more books all over the kitchen counter and table!!

I found an adorable little Pottery Barn table on Craigslist last week. We stayed home from our regular activities that day because M had a fever the day before. Thankfully she wasn't too sick to be loaded in the van and drive for an hour to pick up the table. It's the perfect size for both G and M and I love to watch them sit and work at it.

Pictures will be coming. I promise!