Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My firstborn

The other day A and I were bustling around the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table. A bumped into me (almost like a chest bump, except we were both in a hurry and it wasn't planned) and she told me, "That was a hug---just without the arms."

Then last night, the DaddyMan and I were lounging on the couch while we all watched tv and A needed some affection. She plopped on the DaddyMan's lap, pulled up her legs and said, "Look! I still fit!"


Oh yes, I do have a blog. A pitifully neglected one! Some quick updates:

G's arm is all better. She had a cast for 20 days and then a 2 week check up after that. Her arm wasn't quite straight at that appointment, but in the two weeks since, she's able to mostly straighten it and she's doing cartwheels and flipping backwards off the swings. I think she's better.

We're continuing to plug away at school. Last week I took Friday off and called it a professional development day. As a homeschooler, I used it to clean house and hit a garage sale. I scored a bunch of Hannas and Gymboree stuff for the little two. Yay!

A got her braces off. I took pictures. But I haven't posted them yet.

M turned 6. My baby! Waah. She also lost her first tooth. I have pictures of that too.

I'm so behind...

Friday, September 24, 2010

School gone awry

For a part of A's daily language art curriculum, she's required to take three sentences and write them in a more appealing way. The other day she was given these three sentences:

The potted tulip was a gift.
The tulip is dying.
Grandma gave it to Mom.

What did my child write?
Grandma gave Mom a dying tulip as a gift.

Funny, in the teacher's guide, they made it look like it was unfortunate that the gift Grandma gave Mom was dying, instead written in a way that so clearly shows Grandma's dislike for Mom.

At the eye doctor yesterday, this same child wanted me to write "terrorist" as her occupation. I suggested "slacker." We decided to leave it blank since we couldn't agree.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Since we last chatted...

A lot has happened. We completed two, (or was it three?) weeks of school. We socialized a lot with some other families from our church. In fact, one night while having dinner at a friend's house, G fell out of a tree and broke her arm.

I've spent the last week and a half taking her to three doctors, then she had surgery and today was the follow-up. Thankfully, all is healing well.

We also learned in the last two weeks that our church elders have decided to force our beloved pastor to resign. Since this same debacle happened in our last church, it's an odd sense of deja vu. It's like a bad movie--it just doesn't end any better the second time you watch.

So, my child's getting better, but my church is not. Emotionally, I'm rather weary. And that my friends...is just keepin' it real.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Time sure flies when you're trying to squeeze all the family fun you can into the last month of summer. Here are some highlights from the last month.

  • All the children are now pretty proficient in Pig Latin. Two of them can now give the dinner blessing in this great language.
  • We went to Family Camp with our church. I went in with very low expectations. We all had a fabulous time. The DaddyMan had so much fun that people around him started saying, "Wow! I've never seen him smile so much!" and he won the Happy Camper award.
  • Our counselor for that week (who's actually a lot like a nanny, which totally rocked!) taught my children "The Chrissy Game." That would be the game you play in the lake with a child wearing a life jacket. You shove them under the water and wait for them to bob back up. The children all love it.
  • We've been bowling several times. Kidsbowlfree has been so fun. I like bumper bowling best.
  • We started school. It's gonna take a while to find my groove. Learnin' three kids their three Rs is gonna take some time. ;)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bad influences

We took the girls to see Despicable Me over the weekend. They loved it. I loved it. I laughed, I almost cried...it was good.

At one point, the non English speaking Minions are shown photocopying one of their butts and as each one popped out of the copier, the other ones would yell, "Butt!" Juvenile? Yes, but still funny. We laughed. (And no, we don't say butt around here, we say bum.)

So this morning, A asks me, "Do we have a copier?"
Knowing where this was going, I said "No and if you sit on the scanner to copy your bum, you'll break it."

She paused half a second. "How 'bout if I hover?"

Monday, July 12, 2010

My name is not Grace

Saturday morning, for the first time in weeks, the DaddyMan was home. That means, I got to go out garage saling all alone. Oh, was I excited! I hadn't been out garage saling by myself all summer and I was almost giddy. (Of course, I did kinda wish I had a local mom friend who loved to garage sale to go with me, but I got over it at the idea of being able to have a complete thought since no one would be talking to me!)

I hit a few sales and didn't find anything exciting. At one sale I chatted with the woman about her Creative Memories stuff she had for sale. Then, I walked down her driveway towards the van.

And that's where the ugly happened.

This subdivision was fairly new and therefore, the powers that be, had not yet laid the second layer of asphalt on the road. Therefore, there was about a two inch drop off after the gutter into the street. Yours truly stepped on the edge of that, twisted her left ankle which made me lurch forward and fall onto my right knee. Hard. Thankfully, I caught myself with my hands.

I sat in the street for a moment, deciding if I was going to live, before the garage sale lady gasped and came to my aid. She offered me ice and asked repeatedly if I was hurt. It took me several minutes to assess how badly I was hurt (sprained ankle, giant bruise, hamburgered knee and bruised hands) and I decided I would live.

Ow. I'm too old and too fat to fall down. Now excuse me while I go ice a body part and whine.

Monday, July 5, 2010

We need to work on history

Yesterday at church, they did a presentation with quotes from some of the founding fathers and how their faith helped shape our country.

Since we've never studied American history, I was leaning over and filling A in on who the people were that said the quotes. I pointed out that Alexander Hamiliton was a president, Patrick Henry was a patriot and then there was a quote from Samuel Adams.

A leaned over to me and informed me, "He's a beer."

Technically....she's right... sigh...

Friday, July 2, 2010


Is this thing still on? Someone mentioned the other day that I haven't been blogging much. They're right. I'm behind. My life's insane. Here's a rundown:

The DaddyMan came home one day and told me they're closing his office. The higher ups want us to move 2 hours south.
My head whirled with all we must do to get the house on the market. I contemplated throwing up. I got diarrhea instead (TMI??)
2 days later we drove to PA for the graduation, then to Niagara Falls then home to a picnic with friends where my 'prone to carsickness child' puked. Whoops.

The next weekend, we helped my dearest friend move her family two hours away from us. We've known this move was coming for over a year and were so excited. But now, we're moving and we'll be about 3 or so hours away. Aargh.
I spent the next week spinning in circles. That's what one does when one has an insane amount of work before them and doesn't know where to start. We also hadn't told anyone about the impending move so trying to sit on this news AND be productive didn't go so well for me.

The following week was garage sale week. As in, I purged my house and ended the week making some good bucks by having a sale.
Now we're into mid-June. My girls went to VBS. I packed 3 boxes and prepared for my inlaws to arrive for a week.
They were here while the DaddyMan and I went to a work conference for him. There was some fun stuff as well as some uber-boring talk about what he does for a living. Being a sahm is far more exciting I think.
I spent the rest of that week with my inlaws working on house projects and letting my mind relax a little bit.

That brings us to this week. The graduate from a few weeks ago (wait, by now it's been like 6 weeks and it's been a whirlwind since then) is here for a week. This is a holiday weekend, there's lots to do and lots that needs done.

By next week...perhaps life will slow down a bit and I'll have time to take the 40000? pictures off my camera and do a proper blog update. Time will tell.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are we speaking the same language?

I went out of town again. If you're keeping track, this was the third time in just over a month. For one who loves to stay home and could write poetry about her love for her Select Comfort mattress, that's a lot.

Before I left, I kissed my M good bye. As I was also tucking her in for her nap, she was more concerned with making sure that Grandma had been given proper instructions on her care than she was with actually telling me good-bye.

Me--I love you.
M--Make sure you tell Grandma we get a snack after naps.
Me--Do you love me?
M--Like popsicles.
Me--You love me like popsicles??
M--No... I want popsicles for snack.

Hmm. Both of us were speaking English, but funny, we just weren't communicating.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guest blogger part two

In case you missed installment 1 of our trip to Pennsylvania, scroll down. :) My uncle Tom decided during graduation that he would write the blog and I would put in the pictures. So, enjoy. My comments would be the ones in italics. Also--my pictures are BIG--click on them for the full effect. Same with yesterday's post. :D

So the next morning--- back to the pool. Then up the hill again to Baccalaureate and Graduation. 50+ girls, all in long gowns and 3 inch heels walking on grass. This was a well thought out idea. I'm still impressed that not one of them did a face plant.

A little blurry, but this is the type of obstacle course the girls in heels had to walk thru. Impressive, no?

Again perfect little children. (truly, those were Tom's words and no, he wasn't paid.) :)

Graduation- was outside. Well—first Baccalaureate—it was inside and not painfully long. One of the Graduate’s peers who spoke compared it to the Hogwart Academy. Such was the highlight of that part.

Graduation--- outside. Bright sun. Some people with hair challenges were seen standing in the tall leafy hedges to find shade or even placing the program on their heads like a paper hat--- not that I would know, but crude and effective.

Our graduate— beautiful in a long white dress, graduated! (Note -I was told in effective writing class at ISU (my family will say, what is ISU but if you are reading this you know AA and GS and the ISU love story involving cold walks from a dorm on the edge of Des Moines)that underlining is generally ineffective—that’s why I used BOLD! C!
Isn't she beautiful? My fun cousin C, aka The Graduate.

So we killed time, gave gifts to house moms, entertained the little ones (GS, G and M) by taking lots of photos and finally went to the Hotel for naps before dinner. That would be the guest blogger on the right.

GS pointed out to me, that the silly radio station had built their transmission towers several hundred feet below the hotel on the lowest ten digit coordinate there was in sight. (Debbie thought this was the most bizarre thing anyone could notice—ask Geo about “the engineer and the talking frog”.) And we drank Y______ing. They had gotten a six pack.

Then back to the pool before dinner at the best restaurant in Tyrone. Note with particularity, that I did not say a fine restaurant in Tyrone. The second best, according to the Graduate is Burger King (sorry BK, I can’t do the little trademark sign) and the third best (I may have these reversed) is the Dog Pile, the favorite carry out / delivery establishment of the 250+ girls at TGS. But it was a fine dinner—with a great group of family and friends--- including the Graduate’s god parents.

Dinner was notable for several reasons—nice toasts to the graduate, perfectly behaved little girls (ok—they got carried away taking pics, but did we care? NO!).

And Geo demonstrating “Mikey will eat it” to his lovely perfectly behaved daughters. It would seem that every time someone at the table got full, they gave their uneaten portion to GS. His college days eating skills are still there. I think at last count he'd polished off the remains of 3 appetizers, his own entree and 3 others.

The next morning the Wisconsin clan plus Great Uncle went swimming--- M & G got to wake (pounce on?) V and C after their hour and half swim. Best part of swimming? M on Uncle Tom's shoulders, pulling up his hair into spikes on either side of his head and announcing "PIGGIES!" It was suggested by someone that her dear uncle's hair was a looking a little longer than usual. I'm thinking said commenter's child's idea to put his hair in pigtails only reinforced that observation. ;)
The Wisconsin family were off to Niagara falls---w/o this correspondent so Dear Reader/Observer I will speculate that the tone, meter, complexity and such of this travel narrative will under go a step function up or down--it will be a radical transformation, me thinks.

AA gets credit for always having games, puzzles, writing supplies and such condiments handy, which led to the perfectly behaved children. She’s my favorite!


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family Trip to PA by a guest blogger

Note from dangitAnge, hereafter referred to as AA by the writer of this guest blog post, written by my dear Uncle Tom, probably best known for getting me a wee bit tipsy following his last child's high school graduation. I have shared that story here. My comments on how the following story really happened will be in italics. :) Enjoy!

There we were in the bright sun, quite warm, waiting for graduation at The Grier School (TGS) when AA ( that’s the owner of this site, contrasted to A who is her oldest daughter, who is also known by some as BK, which is “Bright Kid”) and I, her favorite Uncle, and hence her children’s great uncle, decided that I would write this piece and she would populate it with pics. AA for the record is the niece I taught to drive and taught decimal equivalents of sevenths to and also to drink beer (the last instructional point didn’t take).

So having never written for a blog before, and only about 80% sure that is the name of what I am writing for—I wish to state some ground rules. All typos, confusing sentences, and portions thereof, punctuation and the like, are strictly AA [ AA is both singular and possessive—please try to keep up. ] fault. My family is big into finger pointing, so I wanted to get that out of the way early. This appears a good time to add that I had to clean this up a bit before posting. I do have SOME pride. ;)

Flashback—Dear Reader—just because I did that once doesn’t obligate me to tell you the next time that I reverse course. And the photos may or not match so ... IDK what. (IDK—the Graduate taught me that – it means “leave me alone, Dad”, in a text.)

So having dropped (not physically or at least not far—she has bad hips , I trust) Piper the Wonder Dog (they wonder, why, how, when and such about him. ( Her?) Her. off with a friend, who must be of questionable sanity, the Shimada clan, hereinafter GS, AA, A, G, and M. Formerly known as The DaddyMan, dangitAnge, A, G and M--please try to keep up, climbed in a van, strapped the poor little ones, G & M, into car seats and headed East to Tyrone, PA on Thursday afternoon.

Why you ask ? Well so they could enjoy Chicago rush hours up close and personal, rather than just on the radio and to attend AA cousin’s graduation from TGS. Hence, a road trip from Wisconsin to Tyrone. I wasn’t there but no one had much to say about Thursday and Thursday night except the Chicago rush hours. (hours is not a typo). Friday a.m. they got up at GS time and most of them went swimming. Then GS insisted they follow the Garmin rather than common sense and the PA turnpike so they could see more orange barrels than exist in seventeen western states of your choice and the back roads of PA.

They arrived about two hours late or several hours early depending on one's perspective at the hotel. Great Uncle Tom greeted GS with a beer. (the local one that starts with a Y). { An short aside—the locals swear by this beer—best in the land--- every time I stay at this hotel, they are out of or run out of Y_____ing. So I asked why they don’t order more, if they are always out/running out. I asked three bartenders, “gee I don’t know”, which is close to a IDK ! } ( an end of paragraph note, technologically I can not do footnotes--- the space is intentional--- the three employees were not bartenders, they were merely tending the bar—no mixed drinks until later, when the bartender came to work.)

So GS was now OK. He is easy. M and G got to meet Aunt Debbie who perhaps never got them straight, name wise. Of course, she had help from G who delighted in saying she was M, or even A upon occasion.

The group, including the graduate C and V,the older sister of the grad, went swimming. Out of the pool and with a hour to get ready for the graduation dinner, all should be copasetic. Na... Great Uncle, whom is also dad of the grad and V, forgot that teenage girls do not get ready for major events, (which is anything more important than going to the kitchen for chocolate, when no one else is home), do not and can not get ready in an hour. So running late, we went to TGS from the hotel in a cloud of dust and a hardy Hi Ho Silver! (well, that dates me, I guess)

V and A at dinner. Aren't they adorable? :D

Now the praise for M & G and also A. They performed perfectly at the Graduation Dinner. And at the hour long musical and dance recital that lasted two hours. Really? It was only 2 hours? And even at the TGS Ancient Candlelight ceremony that followed. OK, really, G eats a little slow, and M eats only sugar concentrate and sugary accruements, but hey!

New toys are the key to keeping small children entertained during an after dinner speaker. Look closely and you'll see the graduate and her big sister being entertained as well.

And V, who has a better/worse nickname that the one I have for G, that is now a secret between her and I, didn’t fidget too much either. And GS didn’t snore,at least noticeably. Great Uncle calls G "Squirm." She pretends to hate it, but loves being the one w/a special nickname. And GS may not have snored during the dance recital, but he did count down until the final dance. There were 13 dances in all, just in case anyone cares.

A photo of C, the grad and her mom after dinner. More to come.... Some bloggers can be sooo long winded. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Perhaps we should rethink her movie choices

We recently went on a road trip and started the bad habit of the girls having a 'screen time' pretty much every time they got in the van. Between their iPods and the van's DVD player, they've been happily plugged in. (I'll be breaking this habit soon, don't worry... LOL)

The other morning on our drive across town, the two in the back were happily watching a movie on the DVD player and wearing headphones to hear it. A was beside me watching Lord of the Rings on her iPod. I was listening to the radio. Over the radio, I could hear what sounded like a battle scene on A's iPod. So I asked her if they were fighting. They were.

Then I said, "You know, you really should turn it down when they're fighting and you don't need to try so hard to listen to conversation."

A-"They're talking too. They're talking in Elvish."

Me--"Honey, you don't understand Elvish, so why do you need it so loud?"

A--"Not yet. And, there are words at the bottom of the screen."

Me--"So you turned it up to read the words??"

A--"Um yeah."

Me--"Honey, if you learn Elvish, you're going to be labelled as one of those goofy homeschooled kids."

A--"Too late." :grins:

Me--"Well, you're called to be set apart as a Christian, not as a goofy homelearned kid."


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Busy, busy, dreadfully busy...

Oh. Life's been crazy. For a recap....

I did some sewing. I got the biggest order of my simple little business's life. 16 Cozy Carseat Covers later--I was done.

Then we had a sick dog. This is how she spent an entire morning. She was truly pitiful. We realized just how awful she must've felt when she didn't even get up to greet her favorite human, A. After a trip to the vet, a huge chunk of change, some x-rays and medicines, she started to act normal.
Then someone had a birthday. She's 8. Wow.

Monday, May 3, 2010

All done!

A bit over two years ago, I started a project. Wow...two years is a long time! But... FINALLY.... I finished that project! Yay me!

And I think a certain young child is very happy with the finished result. :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, that's an option

The girls and I did errands this morning. As usual, someone asked, "No school today?" Today it happened to be the check out clerk at the the grocery store where we often shop. I told her we homeschool and we chatted about it for a moment.

As she rang me up, she asked, "Do you need cash back?" and I said, "Yes. Can I get 20 $1s?" She said, "Sure." Then she added,

"You goin' to a strip club?"

I laughed. Then I said, "Well, that's an option I hadn't considered."

Truly, I hadn't. I was thinking about tomorrow being the first and getting ones so I could give the girls their allowance money. But now... now I see I really could use those ones for something I hadn't even considered. Maybe I'll consider it after I go wash my hands again. Or not.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trash to treasure

After the great basement finish was completed last fall, I've been in the mood to 'finish' the rest of the house. You know, paint, organize and decorate the rest of the house just the way I wanted. It's been six months and I'm not there yet. I still have quite a ways to go, actually.

I came one small step closer this weekend though. One thing our family room's been lacking is end tables. Seriously, we have NO place to put your drink in this room, other than on the floor where it's guaranteed to be kicked over.

So, I was super excited to find this lovely table at a sale. It cost me..... 50 cents. SCORE!

We found the lamp at Goodwill. Based on the fact that it had a partially removed price sticker on it--I think I saw it at a garage sale a couple weeks back. I should've bought it then, but didn't 'cause I didn't have a table to put it on. :P It cost me $5.

A few hours later, after a trip to the store for spray paint ($10--textured metal paint's kinda pricey compared to your basic RED, a $2 harp, $1.34 finials and a $10 shade), I had this:

It was a good day. :) I did go back and buy one more can of slightly darker red paint, 'cause this is a tiny bit brighter than I wanted. If it ever stops raining, I'll give it another coat or three.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Delayed gratification

I've said before that I love to garage sale. There are things I'd like to buy, but it's just SO much cheaper finding things at garage sales than in real stores, that I typically wait. I love that my girls are learning that it's okay to wait and that typically, we do eventually find what we want at garage sales.

About two weeks ago, We set out to hit some of the first sales of the season. I told A I hoped to find an end table for the family room and a bike for her. She wanted a bow and arrow set. She's wanted it since last summer, but we never found one.

God sent her a bow and arrow set, new in the box, on the FIRST day we went garage saling.

But...she didn't have the $20 she needed. Knowing she'd get it soon (and it was too good of a deal to leave behind!), I bought it and she had to buy it from me. She counted her saved money, then earned more doing childcare at church. She still needed a dollar and 7 cents.

Walking out of church a week later, she found a crumpled $1 bill laying in the grass. Some people get 'pennies from Heaven' but no, God sent my dear daughter a whole dollar.

Now she needed 7 cents. She told her story to about 5 people. ALL of them (except her mean parents) offered her the money. Even her little sister and her youth group leader (who probably think I'm the meanest mom EVER). She told all of them, "No, I need to come up with it myself."

Last night after swimming lessons, G pointed under the bench in the locker room and yelled, "LOOK A!" Yep, sure enough, there was a dime on the floor.

A was so excited! "Look Mom! Now I even have three EXTRA cents! I only needed 7 and God sent me 10!"

She asked and she recieved. God is so good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

They're on to me.

Today we had to go to a different town to have A's orthodontic appointment. After we did some shopping, I took the kids out for fun drinks at a restaurant. Big drinks.

Then we hit the big grocery store and drove a while to get home. M and I had to pee. I maintained I had to go worse than she did since I'm older and have given birth three times.

As we got close to home I gave out jobs--A, bring in the groceries, G, empty the van and M, get the mail.

They rode quietly for a few minutes until M says, "I get it! You gave us jobs so you can go to the bathroom first!"

Why yes... I did. And it worked. Mission accomplished. :D

Friday, April 9, 2010

Darn vandals!

Garage sales have started! It's a happy day in our house!

The girls and I set off this morning and found a few treasures. At one sale, they had a box of spray paints for sale. I pointed them out to A and said, "Hey, we could be vandals!" She laughed.

A few minutes later, as we left the sale empty handed, she said, "But aren't you going to buy the spray paints?"


"But,it's been a slow week!"

Monday, April 5, 2010

I've been busy

My poor neglected blog. How often do I read that on other people's blogs and think, "Wow, I really should update my blog too?" And then, I don't.

I've been busy and it's a good busy. I've had some friends coming to sew and I'm loving teaching some newbies to create pretty things. We started with some simple sundresses for their daughters and I'm amazed at how fast two women who'd never sewed before picked it up! They did great. :) I love having people join me in my happy place.

I also made Easter dresses. I got a new pattern and I absolutely LOVE it. I whipped up one for M and then one for G and used a different pattern for A's dress. A's didn't fit right. The bodice was a poor fit on her pre-teen shape and even after reworking it about 5 times, it still didn't fit. So, Saturday afternoon (the day before Easter!) we went to the fabric store, bought new fabric and started from scratch. Her new dress was a slightly more grown-up version of her sisters' dresses. They all looked fabulous.

We've also been plugging away through school. A's finished her grammar, has less than 20 math lessons to go and is eager to be done. She's pulling off a B in a math book that's a couple grade levels ahead and I'm so proud of her. G's reading like a champ and will finish her math book this week. She still needs practice on her math facts but they'll come with time. M's passed the goals on her speech IEP and we'll find out next week what they recommend next. I'm eager to be past this stage of her life, but I don't want to quit her therapy before it's time.

The weather's finally warming up and the girls are loving playing outside, riding bikes and getting filthy. Aaah, spring. I love the renewed hope that comes in the spring--that life goes on and it's not going to be cold and snowy forever.

Life is good.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

In case that last post wasn't nasty enough

One of my smaller children, whom I shall not name, informed the DaddyMan tonight, "My sister's tongue tastes different than the dog's."


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I cannot top this.

Seriously, nothing I can say today will top what Erica's children did.

(please swallow whatever you're eating, before clicking this link. Consider yourself warned.)

Erica's post about Training Daughters

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm raising pyros

It's been beautiful and sunny here this week. To my children, that means it's time to ask repeatedly if they can wear capris (no), go barefoot (no), or play with magnifying glasses (yes).

Yesterday, A and G were busy at work trying to burn things up on the patio. A came in and asked for a birthday candle. Um, no.

She came back a few minutes later and told me about the book she's reading. In it, the boy uses his hatchet to strike a rock to make a spark and start a fire. She wanted to know if we had something metal she could use to hit the bricks of the patio with. Our conversation went something like this:

"Butter knife?"
"Sharp knife?"

So she disappeared for a few more minutes. Very shortly, she came back.
"Mom, where's your hairspray?"
"Isn't it flammable?"
"It isn't?? I thought it was."
"It is, that's why you can't have it!"
"Oh. Can I have some cooking oil? It's flammable, right??"

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Igpay Atinlay, anyone?

When the girls were small and we wanted to talk without them knowing what we were talking about, the DaddyMan and I simply spelled things to each other. Okay, mostly I spelled to him and he'd blurt it out, just to bug me. But on occasion, we could spell things and get around the little eavesdroppers.

Now, they can spell. We've had to change our strategy a bit. I've switched to Pig Latin and it's making them NUTS! I love it!

Tonight at dinner, the DaddyMan and I were tossing words at each other because they were clueless. M's convinced it's either Spanish or French, A's wants to know what country this language is spoken in and G decided to just start spelling everything she wanted to say.

The only pitfall of our perfect little system was when the DaddyMan called me something slightly less than nice. I corrected his pronunciation and said it back. G repeated it. Perfectly. Oops. Let's hope she forgets that word before she gets a grasp of Pig Latin or I'm gonna be in BIG trouble.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I probably shouldn't laugh

Our church has a reward system in Sunday School. If you say your Bible verse for the week, you earn some points. If you participate in the discussion, you earn some points. If you say ALL the books of the Bible, you earn a LOT of points.

G's already said the books of the Bible and gotten her points. Yesterday she went to Sunday School during a different hour and therefore had a different teacher. She tried to convince that teacher that she should be allowed to say the books of the Bible and earn more points.

The teacher happens to be a friend of mine. She knows my child and knew she's already earned those points. So, she told G that the only way she could earn more points for the books of the Bible was to say them backwords or learn to spell them all correctly.

So, Miss G, turned around with her back to the teacher and proceded to say the books of the Bible. Yep, that's right....she said them backwards.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She didn't like the chicken.

One of my children eats like a normal person.
One of my children eats insanely slow.
One of my children likes to stuff huge amounts of food into her mouth so she can be done.

That last child also has to use the bathroom a lot. Today, I made the connection. As I was putting a magazine away under the bathroom sink (what? doesn't everyone keep them there??), I found a dried up wad of half chewed chicken.

I had several lightbulb moments. 1)This explains the other dried crusty bits I've found in this cupboard in the past. 2)THAT'S how she polished off Monday night's chicken SO fast.

Now to figure out how to stop this problem. I need an appropriate punishment. I also need to remember not to let her off her chair when her chipmunk cheeks are full.

The fun of being a mom never ends.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Growing up too fast....again

I needed a pan off a high shelf. Like normal, I hollered for G to come be my helper. Then I told her what pan I wanted, lifted her as high as I could lift her scrawny 50 pounds and she got my pan. I put her down, she gave it to me and ran off to play.

I commenced filling the pan. A watched, rather pensively. Then she said, "I can't wait until I grow breasts and then I can use mine to hold up small children so they can get stuff down for ME!"

The look on GS's face was priceless. It will stick with me probably as long as the memory of the look he made when one of my then breastfeeding friends groped her own breasts in front of us, to see which side to nurse the baby on first. Aaah, good times.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moms shouldn't have favorites

As I mentioned the other day, I've been walking on the treadmill most days. G thinks this is strictly a weight loss plan and apparently has given this some thought. As she hugged me yesterday, she said, "You're going to look a lot different when you're thin."

I was rather shocked. "G!"

With a sweet smile, she responded, "I'm just sayin'." :shrug:

Later that same day, I was watching a few minutes of a talk show and the host was asking the guests if they worried they turn into their abusive mother. (okay...whatever.) A overheard and said, "I think it'd be good if I was a mom just like you."

Seriously....that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in WEEKS. I reached out to hug her, tears forming in my eyes and was met with, "Eww! Don't HUG me!"

That's okay, she's still my favorite. ;) At least for today....

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The one where she talks about toilets

Our toilets suck. Seriously. I kid you not, I bet I have to plunge one of them no less than 5 days a week. We have invested in heavy duty plungers for EVERY bathroom in the house. And they see LOTS of use.

Last night when I went to put the girls to bed, I noticed a funky smell in their bathroom. Once again, someone had done the deed, clogged the pipes and forgotten to mention it to a grown up in the house (that'd be me, 'cause the DaddyMan gets crabby about it.)

So, I plunged and plunged and plunged and when the water threatened to overflow, I left the seat up, the plunger IN the water and walked away.

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, I was in the girls' bathroom again and noticed that now the water in the toilet had receded, but in it's place was a HUGE wad of soggy toilet paper ON the plunger. EWW! I about went ballistic. "Who used the toilet that is clogged!? And WHY??? AAAARGH!!"

A small sweet cherub sweetly said, "I needed to go to the baffroom!" I was still in shock. So I had to ask, "How did you go potty in a toilet with the seat up and a plunger in it??"

To which she replied, with a smile, "I've got SKILLS!"

(I still don't know how she did it.)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lazy Winter Days

Nothing exciting is happening right now in my life and I'm okay with that. We're spending the days doing school and keeping the house somewhat clean (why isn't Piper naked?? I'm vacuuming up the equivalent of another dog every.single.day!).

We bought a 750 piece puzzle at Salvation Armani on Friday and I spent a good chunk of time finishing it yesterday. Oop, wait, I lied--it was really only a 745 piece puzzle. Oh well, for $.64 did I really expect ALL the pieces?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today after sweating on the treadmill for 45 minutes, G greeted me with, "You don't look any thinner."

She is not my favorite.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year.

Um yeah, it's like the 11th already, isn't it? And I haven't blogged the Christmas photos or A's birthday. And while it seems a little wrong to make the first post of the new year be one that has a bad word in it...well, three days later, I'm still laughing, so that's what I'm starting with.

I took the girls to Sonic over the weekend. Since we eat there about twice a year, I let them get kids meals. The kids meals came with card games. One of the games involves spelling out words (you know where this is going, don't you?).

So, G (age 7.5) sits at the table and plays her new game with the DaddyMan. He lays out the cards and she tells him when she finds a word. They play nicely for several minutes.

Then she starts to sound out, "Shhhhhhhiiiiit. Shiiit. Mom, is sh!t a word?"

I tried hard to keep a straight face. So does the DaddyMan. A turns her back on her little sister and silently shakes with laughter.

The DaddyMan pipes in with, "Not a nice word."
The best I could do was, "How about hits or hit or sit?"

But no, she knew it was a word and collected all four of her letter cards. I guess I should just be happy that she learned to read with phonics and can sound things out, right?