Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She didn't like the chicken.

One of my children eats like a normal person.
One of my children eats insanely slow.
One of my children likes to stuff huge amounts of food into her mouth so she can be done.

That last child also has to use the bathroom a lot. Today, I made the connection. As I was putting a magazine away under the bathroom sink (what? doesn't everyone keep them there??), I found a dried up wad of half chewed chicken.

I had several lightbulb moments. 1)This explains the other dried crusty bits I've found in this cupboard in the past. 2)THAT'S how she polished off Monday night's chicken SO fast.

Now to figure out how to stop this problem. I need an appropriate punishment. I also need to remember not to let her off her chair when her chipmunk cheeks are full.

The fun of being a mom never ends.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Growing up too fast....again

I needed a pan off a high shelf. Like normal, I hollered for G to come be my helper. Then I told her what pan I wanted, lifted her as high as I could lift her scrawny 50 pounds and she got my pan. I put her down, she gave it to me and ran off to play.

I commenced filling the pan. A watched, rather pensively. Then she said, "I can't wait until I grow breasts and then I can use mine to hold up small children so they can get stuff down for ME!"

The look on GS's face was priceless. It will stick with me probably as long as the memory of the look he made when one of my then breastfeeding friends groped her own breasts in front of us, to see which side to nurse the baby on first. Aaah, good times.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Moms shouldn't have favorites

As I mentioned the other day, I've been walking on the treadmill most days. G thinks this is strictly a weight loss plan and apparently has given this some thought. As she hugged me yesterday, she said, "You're going to look a lot different when you're thin."

I was rather shocked. "G!"

With a sweet smile, she responded, "I'm just sayin'." :shrug:

Later that same day, I was watching a few minutes of a talk show and the host was asking the guests if they worried they turn into their abusive mother. (okay...whatever.) A overheard and said, "I think it'd be good if I was a mom just like you."

Seriously....that's the nicest thing anyone's said to me in WEEKS. I reached out to hug her, tears forming in my eyes and was met with, "Eww! Don't HUG me!"

That's okay, she's still my favorite. ;) At least for today....