Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She didn't like the chicken.

One of my children eats like a normal person.
One of my children eats insanely slow.
One of my children likes to stuff huge amounts of food into her mouth so she can be done.

That last child also has to use the bathroom a lot. Today, I made the connection. As I was putting a magazine away under the bathroom sink (what? doesn't everyone keep them there??), I found a dried up wad of half chewed chicken.

I had several lightbulb moments. 1)This explains the other dried crusty bits I've found in this cupboard in the past. 2)THAT'S how she polished off Monday night's chicken SO fast.

Now to figure out how to stop this problem. I need an appropriate punishment. I also need to remember not to let her off her chair when her chipmunk cheeks are full.

The fun of being a mom never ends.


botaitai said...

Please don't tell J this. He decided the other night that he doesn't like chicken. When did that happen?

Melissa said...

Oh my. I have to laugh. Not that you shouldn't put a stop to it.

But I remember putting food into my napkin, except my mom always used cloth, so then I had to find a way to dump it out in the trash and not have her notice!

*I have a new blog name. :)

Anonymous said...

I used to do this. I would spit it in the toilet and flush though. I will mention it to her next time I see her. lol


Carrie said...

Some sort of whole-family talk/discussion/prayer/whatever time at the table directly after meals? Might eliminate the whole "eat faster, move on to other things faster" cycle, if she's not going to get to leave the table until everyone else does.

My brother used to do this, but I don't think it was about speed; he just had trouble with the whole "chewing" concept. Extra beverages helped, I think, and talking with him more as he ate.

Amanda said...

Oh my word how funny!! My youngest tried that the other day!