Thursday, March 18, 2010

Igpay Atinlay, anyone?

When the girls were small and we wanted to talk without them knowing what we were talking about, the DaddyMan and I simply spelled things to each other. Okay, mostly I spelled to him and he'd blurt it out, just to bug me. But on occasion, we could spell things and get around the little eavesdroppers.

Now, they can spell. We've had to change our strategy a bit. I've switched to Pig Latin and it's making them NUTS! I love it!

Tonight at dinner, the DaddyMan and I were tossing words at each other because they were clueless. M's convinced it's either Spanish or French, A's wants to know what country this language is spoken in and G decided to just start spelling everything she wanted to say.

The only pitfall of our perfect little system was when the DaddyMan called me something slightly less than nice. I corrected his pronunciation and said it back. G repeated it. Perfectly. Oops. Let's hope she forgets that word before she gets a grasp of Pig Latin or I'm gonna be in BIG trouble.

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Sharie said...

It won't be long until they catch on, so better start learning a new language. I remember having fun doing this w/ my sisters.