Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, that's an option

The girls and I did errands this morning. As usual, someone asked, "No school today?" Today it happened to be the check out clerk at the the grocery store where we often shop. I told her we homeschool and we chatted about it for a moment.

As she rang me up, she asked, "Do you need cash back?" and I said, "Yes. Can I get 20 $1s?" She said, "Sure." Then she added,

"You goin' to a strip club?"

I laughed. Then I said, "Well, that's an option I hadn't considered."

Truly, I hadn't. I was thinking about tomorrow being the first and getting ones so I could give the girls their allowance money. But now... now I see I really could use those ones for something I hadn't even considered. Maybe I'll consider it after I go wash my hands again. Or not.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Trash to treasure

After the great basement finish was completed last fall, I've been in the mood to 'finish' the rest of the house. You know, paint, organize and decorate the rest of the house just the way I wanted. It's been six months and I'm not there yet. I still have quite a ways to go, actually.

I came one small step closer this weekend though. One thing our family room's been lacking is end tables. Seriously, we have NO place to put your drink in this room, other than on the floor where it's guaranteed to be kicked over.

So, I was super excited to find this lovely table at a sale. It cost me..... 50 cents. SCORE!

We found the lamp at Goodwill. Based on the fact that it had a partially removed price sticker on it--I think I saw it at a garage sale a couple weeks back. I should've bought it then, but didn't 'cause I didn't have a table to put it on. :P It cost me $5.

A few hours later, after a trip to the store for spray paint ($10--textured metal paint's kinda pricey compared to your basic RED, a $2 harp, $1.34 finials and a $10 shade), I had this:

It was a good day. :) I did go back and buy one more can of slightly darker red paint, 'cause this is a tiny bit brighter than I wanted. If it ever stops raining, I'll give it another coat or three.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Delayed gratification

I've said before that I love to garage sale. There are things I'd like to buy, but it's just SO much cheaper finding things at garage sales than in real stores, that I typically wait. I love that my girls are learning that it's okay to wait and that typically, we do eventually find what we want at garage sales.

About two weeks ago, We set out to hit some of the first sales of the season. I told A I hoped to find an end table for the family room and a bike for her. She wanted a bow and arrow set. She's wanted it since last summer, but we never found one.

God sent her a bow and arrow set, new in the box, on the FIRST day we went garage saling.

But...she didn't have the $20 she needed. Knowing she'd get it soon (and it was too good of a deal to leave behind!), I bought it and she had to buy it from me. She counted her saved money, then earned more doing childcare at church. She still needed a dollar and 7 cents.

Walking out of church a week later, she found a crumpled $1 bill laying in the grass. Some people get 'pennies from Heaven' but no, God sent my dear daughter a whole dollar.

Now she needed 7 cents. She told her story to about 5 people. ALL of them (except her mean parents) offered her the money. Even her little sister and her youth group leader (who probably think I'm the meanest mom EVER). She told all of them, "No, I need to come up with it myself."

Last night after swimming lessons, G pointed under the bench in the locker room and yelled, "LOOK A!" Yep, sure enough, there was a dime on the floor.

A was so excited! "Look Mom! Now I even have three EXTRA cents! I only needed 7 and God sent me 10!"

She asked and she recieved. God is so good.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

They're on to me.

Today we had to go to a different town to have A's orthodontic appointment. After we did some shopping, I took the kids out for fun drinks at a restaurant. Big drinks.

Then we hit the big grocery store and drove a while to get home. M and I had to pee. I maintained I had to go worse than she did since I'm older and have given birth three times.

As we got close to home I gave out jobs--A, bring in the groceries, G, empty the van and M, get the mail.

They rode quietly for a few minutes until M says, "I get it! You gave us jobs so you can go to the bathroom first!"

Why yes... I did. And it worked. Mission accomplished. :D

Friday, April 9, 2010

Darn vandals!

Garage sales have started! It's a happy day in our house!

The girls and I set off this morning and found a few treasures. At one sale, they had a box of spray paints for sale. I pointed them out to A and said, "Hey, we could be vandals!" She laughed.

A few minutes later, as we left the sale empty handed, she said, "But aren't you going to buy the spray paints?"


"But,it's been a slow week!"

Monday, April 5, 2010

I've been busy

My poor neglected blog. How often do I read that on other people's blogs and think, "Wow, I really should update my blog too?" And then, I don't.

I've been busy and it's a good busy. I've had some friends coming to sew and I'm loving teaching some newbies to create pretty things. We started with some simple sundresses for their daughters and I'm amazed at how fast two women who'd never sewed before picked it up! They did great. :) I love having people join me in my happy place.

I also made Easter dresses. I got a new pattern and I absolutely LOVE it. I whipped up one for M and then one for G and used a different pattern for A's dress. A's didn't fit right. The bodice was a poor fit on her pre-teen shape and even after reworking it about 5 times, it still didn't fit. So, Saturday afternoon (the day before Easter!) we went to the fabric store, bought new fabric and started from scratch. Her new dress was a slightly more grown-up version of her sisters' dresses. They all looked fabulous.

We've also been plugging away through school. A's finished her grammar, has less than 20 math lessons to go and is eager to be done. She's pulling off a B in a math book that's a couple grade levels ahead and I'm so proud of her. G's reading like a champ and will finish her math book this week. She still needs practice on her math facts but they'll come with time. M's passed the goals on her speech IEP and we'll find out next week what they recommend next. I'm eager to be past this stage of her life, but I don't want to quit her therapy before it's time.

The weather's finally warming up and the girls are loving playing outside, riding bikes and getting filthy. Aaah, spring. I love the renewed hope that comes in the spring--that life goes on and it's not going to be cold and snowy forever.

Life is good.