Friday, April 23, 2010

Delayed gratification

I've said before that I love to garage sale. There are things I'd like to buy, but it's just SO much cheaper finding things at garage sales than in real stores, that I typically wait. I love that my girls are learning that it's okay to wait and that typically, we do eventually find what we want at garage sales.

About two weeks ago, We set out to hit some of the first sales of the season. I told A I hoped to find an end table for the family room and a bike for her. She wanted a bow and arrow set. She's wanted it since last summer, but we never found one.

God sent her a bow and arrow set, new in the box, on the FIRST day we went garage saling.

But...she didn't have the $20 she needed. Knowing she'd get it soon (and it was too good of a deal to leave behind!), I bought it and she had to buy it from me. She counted her saved money, then earned more doing childcare at church. She still needed a dollar and 7 cents.

Walking out of church a week later, she found a crumpled $1 bill laying in the grass. Some people get 'pennies from Heaven' but no, God sent my dear daughter a whole dollar.

Now she needed 7 cents. She told her story to about 5 people. ALL of them (except her mean parents) offered her the money. Even her little sister and her youth group leader (who probably think I'm the meanest mom EVER). She told all of them, "No, I need to come up with it myself."

Last night after swimming lessons, G pointed under the bench in the locker room and yelled, "LOOK A!" Yep, sure enough, there was a dime on the floor.

A was so excited! "Look Mom! Now I even have three EXTRA cents! I only needed 7 and God sent me 10!"

She asked and she recieved. God is so good.


Susan said...

God is good, all the time.


Tawna said...

Oh what a FANTASTIC story. I'm so glad for her! God IS good! <3

Reflecting said...

I love how you are teaching her many things at the same time! Not only are you teaching her to be frugal, but you are also teaching her that you get the desires of your heart when you trust in God and when you can be patient, and that God loves her so much He will bless her!

Mrs. Dan said...

So neat!

Carrie Sterner said...

Love watching things work out like this. God is in charge of all the details of our daily lives and for our children to see that, well is fabulous! Whoo Hoo God!

Cathe said...

God is good... all the time.