Monday, April 5, 2010

I've been busy

My poor neglected blog. How often do I read that on other people's blogs and think, "Wow, I really should update my blog too?" And then, I don't.

I've been busy and it's a good busy. I've had some friends coming to sew and I'm loving teaching some newbies to create pretty things. We started with some simple sundresses for their daughters and I'm amazed at how fast two women who'd never sewed before picked it up! They did great. :) I love having people join me in my happy place.

I also made Easter dresses. I got a new pattern and I absolutely LOVE it. I whipped up one for M and then one for G and used a different pattern for A's dress. A's didn't fit right. The bodice was a poor fit on her pre-teen shape and even after reworking it about 5 times, it still didn't fit. So, Saturday afternoon (the day before Easter!) we went to the fabric store, bought new fabric and started from scratch. Her new dress was a slightly more grown-up version of her sisters' dresses. They all looked fabulous.

We've also been plugging away through school. A's finished her grammar, has less than 20 math lessons to go and is eager to be done. She's pulling off a B in a math book that's a couple grade levels ahead and I'm so proud of her. G's reading like a champ and will finish her math book this week. She still needs practice on her math facts but they'll come with time. M's passed the goals on her speech IEP and we'll find out next week what they recommend next. I'm eager to be past this stage of her life, but I don't want to quit her therapy before it's time.

The weather's finally warming up and the girls are loving playing outside, riding bikes and getting filthy. Aaah, spring. I love the renewed hope that comes in the spring--that life goes on and it's not going to be cold and snowy forever.

Life is good.

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