Thursday, April 22, 2010

They're on to me.

Today we had to go to a different town to have A's orthodontic appointment. After we did some shopping, I took the kids out for fun drinks at a restaurant. Big drinks.

Then we hit the big grocery store and drove a while to get home. M and I had to pee. I maintained I had to go worse than she did since I'm older and have given birth three times.

As we got close to home I gave out jobs--A, bring in the groceries, G, empty the van and M, get the mail.

They rode quietly for a few minutes until M says, "I get it! You gave us jobs so you can go to the bathroom first!"

Why yes... I did. And it worked. Mission accomplished. :D

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Carrie Sterner said...

She is a smart one for sure. Nothing gets past this little girl. Love it and.......glad it worked!!!!