Friday, April 30, 2010

Well, that's an option

The girls and I did errands this morning. As usual, someone asked, "No school today?" Today it happened to be the check out clerk at the the grocery store where we often shop. I told her we homeschool and we chatted about it for a moment.

As she rang me up, she asked, "Do you need cash back?" and I said, "Yes. Can I get 20 $1s?" She said, "Sure." Then she added,

"You goin' to a strip club?"

I laughed. Then I said, "Well, that's an option I hadn't considered."

Truly, I hadn't. I was thinking about tomorrow being the first and getting ones so I could give the girls their allowance money. But now... now I see I really could use those ones for something I hadn't even considered. Maybe I'll consider it after I go wash my hands again. Or not.

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