Monday, May 24, 2010

Perhaps we should rethink her movie choices

We recently went on a road trip and started the bad habit of the girls having a 'screen time' pretty much every time they got in the van. Between their iPods and the van's DVD player, they've been happily plugged in. (I'll be breaking this habit soon, don't worry... LOL)

The other morning on our drive across town, the two in the back were happily watching a movie on the DVD player and wearing headphones to hear it. A was beside me watching Lord of the Rings on her iPod. I was listening to the radio. Over the radio, I could hear what sounded like a battle scene on A's iPod. So I asked her if they were fighting. They were.

Then I said, "You know, you really should turn it down when they're fighting and you don't need to try so hard to listen to conversation."

A-"They're talking too. They're talking in Elvish."

Me--"Honey, you don't understand Elvish, so why do you need it so loud?"

A--"Not yet. And, there are words at the bottom of the screen."

Me--"So you turned it up to read the words??"

A--"Um yeah."

Me--"Honey, if you learn Elvish, you're going to be labelled as one of those goofy homeschooled kids."

A--"Too late." :grins:

Me--"Well, you're called to be set apart as a Christian, not as a goofy homelearned kid."


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Sonia Johnson said...

Chris thinks we should speak in Pig Latin in front of the boys. Much easier than, say, Elvish or Klingon.