Thursday, June 10, 2010

Guest blogger part two

In case you missed installment 1 of our trip to Pennsylvania, scroll down. :) My uncle Tom decided during graduation that he would write the blog and I would put in the pictures. So, enjoy. My comments would be the ones in italics. Also--my pictures are BIG--click on them for the full effect. Same with yesterday's post. :D

So the next morning--- back to the pool. Then up the hill again to Baccalaureate and Graduation. 50+ girls, all in long gowns and 3 inch heels walking on grass. This was a well thought out idea. I'm still impressed that not one of them did a face plant.

A little blurry, but this is the type of obstacle course the girls in heels had to walk thru. Impressive, no?

Again perfect little children. (truly, those were Tom's words and no, he wasn't paid.) :)

Graduation- was outside. Well—first Baccalaureate—it was inside and not painfully long. One of the Graduate’s peers who spoke compared it to the Hogwart Academy. Such was the highlight of that part.

Graduation--- outside. Bright sun. Some people with hair challenges were seen standing in the tall leafy hedges to find shade or even placing the program on their heads like a paper hat--- not that I would know, but crude and effective.

Our graduate— beautiful in a long white dress, graduated! (Note -I was told in effective writing class at ISU (my family will say, what is ISU but if you are reading this you know AA and GS and the ISU love story involving cold walks from a dorm on the edge of Des Moines)that underlining is generally ineffective—that’s why I used BOLD! C!
Isn't she beautiful? My fun cousin C, aka The Graduate.

So we killed time, gave gifts to house moms, entertained the little ones (GS, G and M) by taking lots of photos and finally went to the Hotel for naps before dinner. That would be the guest blogger on the right.

GS pointed out to me, that the silly radio station had built their transmission towers several hundred feet below the hotel on the lowest ten digit coordinate there was in sight. (Debbie thought this was the most bizarre thing anyone could notice—ask Geo about “the engineer and the talking frog”.) And we drank Y______ing. They had gotten a six pack.

Then back to the pool before dinner at the best restaurant in Tyrone. Note with particularity, that I did not say a fine restaurant in Tyrone. The second best, according to the Graduate is Burger King (sorry BK, I can’t do the little trademark sign) and the third best (I may have these reversed) is the Dog Pile, the favorite carry out / delivery establishment of the 250+ girls at TGS. But it was a fine dinner—with a great group of family and friends--- including the Graduate’s god parents.

Dinner was notable for several reasons—nice toasts to the graduate, perfectly behaved little girls (ok—they got carried away taking pics, but did we care? NO!).

And Geo demonstrating “Mikey will eat it” to his lovely perfectly behaved daughters. It would seem that every time someone at the table got full, they gave their uneaten portion to GS. His college days eating skills are still there. I think at last count he'd polished off the remains of 3 appetizers, his own entree and 3 others.

The next morning the Wisconsin clan plus Great Uncle went swimming--- M & G got to wake (pounce on?) V and C after their hour and half swim. Best part of swimming? M on Uncle Tom's shoulders, pulling up his hair into spikes on either side of his head and announcing "PIGGIES!" It was suggested by someone that her dear uncle's hair was a looking a little longer than usual. I'm thinking said commenter's child's idea to put his hair in pigtails only reinforced that observation. ;)
The Wisconsin family were off to Niagara falls---w/o this correspondent so Dear Reader/Observer I will speculate that the tone, meter, complexity and such of this travel narrative will under go a step function up or down--it will be a radical transformation, me thinks.

AA gets credit for always having games, puzzles, writing supplies and such condiments handy, which led to the perfectly behaved children. She’s my favorite!