Monday, July 12, 2010

My name is not Grace

Saturday morning, for the first time in weeks, the DaddyMan was home. That means, I got to go out garage saling all alone. Oh, was I excited! I hadn't been out garage saling by myself all summer and I was almost giddy. (Of course, I did kinda wish I had a local mom friend who loved to garage sale to go with me, but I got over it at the idea of being able to have a complete thought since no one would be talking to me!)

I hit a few sales and didn't find anything exciting. At one sale I chatted with the woman about her Creative Memories stuff she had for sale. Then, I walked down her driveway towards the van.

And that's where the ugly happened.

This subdivision was fairly new and therefore, the powers that be, had not yet laid the second layer of asphalt on the road. Therefore, there was about a two inch drop off after the gutter into the street. Yours truly stepped on the edge of that, twisted her left ankle which made me lurch forward and fall onto my right knee. Hard. Thankfully, I caught myself with my hands.

I sat in the street for a moment, deciding if I was going to live, before the garage sale lady gasped and came to my aid. She offered me ice and asked repeatedly if I was hurt. It took me several minutes to assess how badly I was hurt (sprained ankle, giant bruise, hamburgered knee and bruised hands) and I decided I would live.

Ow. I'm too old and too fat to fall down. Now excuse me while I go ice a body part and whine.


Reflecting said...

Owww! Did your little ones kiss it to make it feel better? It still hurt, didn't it?! I hope you heal quickly!

Sharie said...

One of the dangers of the sport of 'garage saleing'. Maybe you should wear knee/elbow pads for your next event.

Really, I am sorry that you got hurt~~really!! Ice and 'wine' helps though.