Friday, July 2, 2010


Is this thing still on? Someone mentioned the other day that I haven't been blogging much. They're right. I'm behind. My life's insane. Here's a rundown:

The DaddyMan came home one day and told me they're closing his office. The higher ups want us to move 2 hours south.
My head whirled with all we must do to get the house on the market. I contemplated throwing up. I got diarrhea instead (TMI??)
2 days later we drove to PA for the graduation, then to Niagara Falls then home to a picnic with friends where my 'prone to carsickness child' puked. Whoops.

The next weekend, we helped my dearest friend move her family two hours away from us. We've known this move was coming for over a year and were so excited. But now, we're moving and we'll be about 3 or so hours away. Aargh.
I spent the next week spinning in circles. That's what one does when one has an insane amount of work before them and doesn't know where to start. We also hadn't told anyone about the impending move so trying to sit on this news AND be productive didn't go so well for me.

The following week was garage sale week. As in, I purged my house and ended the week making some good bucks by having a sale.
Now we're into mid-June. My girls went to VBS. I packed 3 boxes and prepared for my inlaws to arrive for a week.
They were here while the DaddyMan and I went to a work conference for him. There was some fun stuff as well as some uber-boring talk about what he does for a living. Being a sahm is far more exciting I think.
I spent the rest of that week with my inlaws working on house projects and letting my mind relax a little bit.

That brings us to this week. The graduate from a few weeks ago (wait, by now it's been like 6 weeks and it's been a whirlwind since then) is here for a week. This is a holiday weekend, there's lots to do and lots that needs done.

By next week...perhaps life will slow down a bit and I'll have time to take the 40000? pictures off my camera and do a proper blog update. Time will tell.

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