Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Time sure flies when you're trying to squeeze all the family fun you can into the last month of summer. Here are some highlights from the last month.

  • All the children are now pretty proficient in Pig Latin. Two of them can now give the dinner blessing in this great language.
  • We went to Family Camp with our church. I went in with very low expectations. We all had a fabulous time. The DaddyMan had so much fun that people around him started saying, "Wow! I've never seen him smile so much!" and he won the Happy Camper award.
  • Our counselor for that week (who's actually a lot like a nanny, which totally rocked!) taught my children "The Chrissy Game." That would be the game you play in the lake with a child wearing a life jacket. You shove them under the water and wait for them to bob back up. The children all love it.
  • We've been bowling several times. Kidsbowlfree has been so fun. I like bumper bowling best.
  • We started school. It's gonna take a while to find my groove. Learnin' three kids their three Rs is gonna take some time. ;)

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botaitai said...

Are you including Pig Latin as a foreign language this year?