Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My firstborn

The other day A and I were bustling around the kitchen trying to get dinner on the table. A bumped into me (almost like a chest bump, except we were both in a hurry and it wasn't planned) and she told me, "That was a hug---just without the arms."

Then last night, the DaddyMan and I were lounging on the couch while we all watched tv and A needed some affection. She plopped on the DaddyMan's lap, pulled up her legs and said, "Look! I still fit!"


Oh yes, I do have a blog. A pitifully neglected one! Some quick updates:

G's arm is all better. She had a cast for 20 days and then a 2 week check up after that. Her arm wasn't quite straight at that appointment, but in the two weeks since, she's able to mostly straighten it and she's doing cartwheels and flipping backwards off the swings. I think she's better.

We're continuing to plug away at school. Last week I took Friday off and called it a professional development day. As a homeschooler, I used it to clean house and hit a garage sale. I scored a bunch of Hannas and Gymboree stuff for the little two. Yay!

A got her braces off. I took pictures. But I haven't posted them yet.

M turned 6. My baby! Waah. She also lost her first tooth. I have pictures of that too.

I'm so behind...