Tuesday, May 3, 2011


After waiting 18 months, we finally painted the family room! :D I've been wanting to get this room painted since we finished the basement and put in new floors up here (November of 2009) but the DaddyMan took the year of 2010 off from doing home improvement projects. Sigh. He also didn't think it needed painted. :P
But I convinced him and I LOOOOOVE how it looks.

(click on it for the BIG picture)

Yes, there is still a blank spot over the couch. But...I'm getting something for Mother's Day to hang there and I'm VERY excited about it! I'll let you know when it arrives! :D


Sonia Johnson said...

Beautiful! When we first painted, Chris was of the same mindset as George. Then after I painted one room, it became obvious that we would have to paint another. Chris said that was my plan all along, although it really wasn't...mostly:)

Erica said...

OOOO I love it too! I really love that basket by the fireplace. :)