Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time to change my hair color

I planted new hydrangeas this spring and the girls have had fun watering them. It's been raining every few days for the last couple weeks and we haven't had to water. It's been great because now I don't get asked by every child, daily, "Can I water the flowers??"

One day last week, A and I were together out front and I noticed some of our front sidewalk was wet. You know, the part by the hose and ONLY the part near the hose. I commented on it and looked, but didn't see any water coming out of the hose. It kinda looked like someone had stepped on the hose and gooshed out what was in it. So, I didn't give it another thought.

About three days later, we were outside again and again, the sidewalk near the hose was wet. This time A looked closer and announced, "Um, mom, the water is ON! It's trickling out of the hose!" Oh dear. As she went to shut off the hose, I noticed that there was a nice, plush quarter circle of long, green grass at the corner of the yard where it's been getting a trickling of water for the last TWO WEEKS (or more!).


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