Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A new smile.

Miss M's front teeth have been starting to look a little wonky. This morning, I convinced her that I should just pull the especially wonky one. I grabbed hold and told her I'd count to three. I counted to two and gave a good yank. This was the result. :)
Once that tooth was out, the loose one beside it started hanging a bit wonkier. So, I started trying to bribe her to let me pull it. I already owed her $2 for letting me pull the first one. I upped this one to $3 if she'd let me pull it, but she wouldn't take it. Shoot.. Later we met some friends for supper, followed by ice cream at McDonalds. I upped the ante to include McDonalds fries AND the money and she bit. I got a grip and.....
What happened to my baby?? Just one more sign of her growing up WAAAY too fast!

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Sonia Johnson said...

Eli's about to lose his first, a bottom one. My niece was kind enough to wait until the day after school pictures to pull her loose one out, at my sister's request:)