Saturday, January 29, 2011


Somehow during dinner last night, we were discussing fishing. From there, someone commented on 'what if you caught a mermaid?' and 'could you eat it?' That prompted A to ask, "Would that be cannibalism? Oh and what about a centaur? Would that be cannibalism?"

Anybody hungry? :P

Friday, January 28, 2011

A little grammar lesson

Yesterday we studied William Shakespeare. He used a lot of alliteration so I was giving a lesson on it. A quickly piped in with "Alliteration? Is that like obliteration? You know, blowin' stuff up? Kaboom!"

And it went downhill from there...

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Toy Story

I stunk up the bathroom today. It wasn't pretty. I turned on the Scentsy and left the room. In our house, since no topic is left undiscussed, the odor was quickly discussed. I'm raising little stinkers....what can I say?

A few moments later Piper the Wonder Dog came in from outside and following her nose, investigaged the bathroom. A promptly turned on the "Piper Voice" and started talking for the dog (this happens regularly).

So, as Piper sniffed the bathroom, the voice said, "Hey, I liked drinkin' out of that bowl. Hey! Someone poisoned the water hole!"

Piper then came and did that nasty thing that dogs do....she sniffed me. I told her to go away. The voice said, "Just checkin' to see who poisoned the water hole. Now I know it was YOU!"

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The one where I was the village idiot

We had a bit of a mystery around here. Sunday after church, just after the DaddyMan arrived home, parked his truck in the garage and shut the door, the garage door reopened. I was in the kitchen at the time, doing some tidying and we both thought it was weird but forgot about it.

Monday morning, just after the DaddyMan went to work, I was in the kitchen waiting for the Wonder Dog to do her morning business, the garage door opened again. It was early, it was dark and that was rather freaky. I called the DaddyMan and he knew I was a bit freaked by the whole thing.

I went to the computer and started googling 'garage door opening unexpectedly' and such. I came to the conclusion that after almost 6 years in the house we either needed to rewire the base pad, change all the remotes' batteries or figure out which neighbor got a new opener that was now opening our door.

Later in the day, I remembered that somewhere in the house there is a spare remote that we use when we go for walks and whatnot. My van doesn't need a remote because it's programmed into my van (somehow, magic or something. LOL The DaddyMan did it).

This extra remote typically lives in the basket on top of the fridge where the charging cords for our phones/iPods/etc. live. I took down the basket and set it on the counter and BAM! the garage door started to open. Sure, enough in the basket was the remote. This morning when it opened....I'd thrown the iPod charger in there. Yesterday afternoon when it opened....I'd just thrown my phone charger in there.

DUH! Mystery solved. You may now return to your regular programming. The idiot has solved her village's issues.

Monday, January 10, 2011


My children lack modesty. For example, after a certain small child used the bathroom, during dinner, she announced, "My turd wouldn't come out. So I sucked it back in and tried again."


And this morning, a big child sat down at the dining room sized school table and apparently a certain Wonder Dog needed her attention. The child told the dog, "Piper! I can't do my school work when your head's on my paper!"

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone. Someone told me when I first started having babies that "these are the longest days, but the shortest years." They weren't kidding!

What a year we had! We were going to move, then didn't. We left a church and helped start a new one. Everyone got a year older, we visited family, we went to family camp and on and on and on.

We are feeling blessed as we start the new year. It's always exciting to see what the new year will bring. Hopefully, I'll do a bit better with the blogging....